What you need to know about backstage beauty.

Backstage at fashion week, models are expected to have flawless skin. But when they’re running on zero sleep and subjected to constant skin aggravation (taking off and reapplying makeup several times a day), their skin can easily get stressed out. So, how do they get that perfect, runway-ready glow in the dwindling moments before showtime? We chatted with famed esthetician Eileen Harcourt to find out exactly how to get beautiful skin.


How did you prep the models backstage at the Baja East Fall 2016 show?

You would not want to paint over a dirty canvas, so you always want to start out with clean, smooth, even skin. We used the LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0 the females and the LUNA™ Shaving + Cleansing Foam 2.0 on the guys (since guys’ skin has different needs), followed by T-Sonic™ cleansing with a wet LUNA™ 2 for a gentle yet thorough cleansing. Then, we did a quick wipe of toner to remove any additional residue, and a quick application of moisturizer that we infused into the skin with the anti-aging side of LUNA™ 2.


What about the under-eye area?

Around the eyes, we applied a light eye serum and then massaged it in with the IRIS™.  This helped to refresh and de-puff the eye area of the overly tired models, as this was one of the last shows of the day for most models. The entire skincare process takes less than 10 minutes—so no excuses!


How do you recommend the models prep the night before the show?

After a long day of shows, I feel that yoga and a massage are the best ways to recharge. I always recommend they thoroughly wash and exfoliate to make sure all of their makeup is removed and that they keep their hair off their faces…and they get lots of solid sleep!


What’s the best way to get rid of redness and irritation?

A natural way to eliminate redness and irritation is my homemade mask that I create using goat yogurt mixed with mashed cucumber. Apply this to skin for about five to ten minutes and you can feel the heat and irritation lift away. If you don’t have a lot of time,  make a cold compress with goat milk and a cotton pad and gently press onto the skin.


What’s the best way to get a glow?

For a super-natural glow, I do a quick mask of goat yogurt and egg white and leave it on for just five minutes or use a sheet mask. [Author’s note: If you don’t have time to use a mask, the LUNA™ mini 2 boosts circulation to create a healthy-looking complexion in just one minute.]


What is your best advice for keeping skin moisturized?

I personally love to spray my skin several times a day with thermal water. But always apply moisturizer to damp skin—and avoid alcohol and cigarettes!