“Demand in Asia is now so great for the latest in high-spec, space-age-designed new tools that the FOREO LUNA mini 2, a small, round silicone cleansing tool, was recently number two on the Chinese shopping site TMall’s wishlist — beaten only by the iPhone 8.”

Financial Times, November 30, 2017

FOREO’s armies of Asia-based fans haven’t gone unnoticed, with Financial Times‘ 2017 piece really just scratching the surface of the brand’s reach in the East. But is it really surprising? After all, it’s fair to say that our now global skincare obsession was born in Asia. From the iconic 10-step Korean routine, to the pioneering of ingredients such as pearl, seaweed and snail, so many of the world’s current skin trends made their debut on the world’s largest continent.

FOREO is featured in Financial Times

But in a particularly beautiful exchange of expertise, FOREO, the Swedish company founded by Bosnian-born Swede Filip Sedic in 2013, is behind the much-loved silicone facial cleansers, toothbrushes and skincare gadgets, counts Asia as one of its most significant regions when it comes to growth, brand awareness… and legions of fans!

So how has FOREO won over beauty buffs in Asia? Apart from being totally fantastic, that is? Well, for starters it’s a huge hit on China’s biggest online retail site, TMall. What’s more, in 2017 on unofficial shopping day, Single’s Day, celebrated annually 11 November, FOREO joined the uber-exclusive ‘Hundred Million Yuan club’ when it sold more than US$15million in just 24 hours!

The brand is also a must-shop product for the region’s growing number of jetsetters, with Asia home to FOREO’s top-five travel retail locations by number of stores: Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Macau. Now present across a globetrotting 22 countries, FOREO’s known for going all-out in designing colorful, eye-catching duty-free shops that if sales of four million units annually is anything to go by, frequent flyers can’t help but love! Case in point: the brand’s LUNA mini 2 recently picked up a gong at the The Travel Retail Awards APAC summit…

Travel Retail Awards

Generalizations are always just that – sweeping statements. But there’s no denying the fact that women from certain countries in Asia take skincare very seriously indeed. And while pro-level cleansing has recently emerged as a full-on global skincare trend, in Asia, it’s always been a big deal. It’s surely no coincidence, then, that FOREO’s award-winning beauty tech is taking Asia by storm!