Are you on the lookout for a superb facial cleansing brush?

With Clarisonic closing down, we know many of you are looking for a worthy replacement. Don’t worry, we have something that will blow you away—our LUNA range! But you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, take a look at all these experiences of people who tried both devices and see what they have to say. 

Shelby Veggie

Blogger Shelby was using Clarisonic Mia for years when she first encountered LUNA 2. This encounter turned out to be skin-changing. So skin-changing in fact that she wrote one of the most detailed comparison articles we’ve ever seen. And our favourite part was her conclusion:

Having used both devices for a substantial period of time, my preferred tool is…. The Foreo Luna 2! I just love this device and although Clarisonic was my first cleansing love, it was time to grow up, move on, and save money. The FOREO works so well with my sensitive skin and I truly believe every one of my clients could benefit from using this device. The price point is worth it and saves you money in the long run, and the additional features really add to the value of this product. I can’t say enough great things about it and since using the Luna 2, my skin has never looked better!

Best Beauty Products

The writers at “Best Beauty Products” compared Clarisonic Mia 2 with LUNA mini 2 in their aptly titled article “May the best facial cleansing brush win”. Can you guess who won?

FOREO LUNA mini 2 seemed a bit more impressive, to hold and behold. And more fun to use, which is important as well. And let’s not forget: FOREO LUNA mini 2 is easier on the wallet as well, and needs no additional investment. No replacement brushes, no muck, no messy maintenance. The silicone is a far more hygienic material, easier to clean and more pleasant on skin. With its battery lasting the incredible 300 uses per one charge, it is no wonder FOREO LUNA mini 2 stole our heart.

The Beauty Endeavor

Michelle from “The Beauty Endeavor” is a nurse, blogger and a beauty lover. She was using Clarisonic Mia 2 when she bumped into our first generation LUNA mini. It was love at first sight. And the kind of love that lasts a long time. She says she’s been using it for three years and only had to charge it twice!

The Clarisonic is more expensive, uses replacement brush heads at an extra cost, feels less hygienic, needs to charge once a month and feels harsher on the skin. The Luna Mini is gentle on the skin, has no extra hidden costs, needs to charge once every 18 months and seems more hygienic. Plus it’s smaller, more compact and cuter in the shower or on the bathroom counter.

The DM Show

Marisela from The DM show quickly switched from Mia 2 to LUNA mini 2 once she discovered our marvelous device! 

But In my honest opinion the Foreo is a better value. It gives you the same results as the Clarisonic, but it does not require parts to be replaced, which can get costly, and it is easy to clean. It also performed better when I needed extra exfoliation, its easier for travel and you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up, which is a huge plus!

Andy Millward

Andy Millward is a CIBTAC Level 4 qualified facialist and aesthetician based in the UK. He too was blown away with our LUNA. As a facialist, he draws importance to the fact that the soft silicone bristles won’t cause damage to the skin.

I find the Foreo Luna much more gentle in comparison, it’s a little more ‘fool-proof’ in the fact it’s pretty impossible to press too hard and cause damage to the skin. I find it gentle enough for even twice daily usage. Plus, due to the anti-aging mode, it’s like having two devices in one. Therefore, the overall winner for me has to be the Foreo Luna, for its ability to use the sonic pulsation for stimulation rather than just cleansing alone. Plus, it’s better value for money, as a one-off investment, rather than paying out for additional brush heads.

Project Vanity

Crystal from Project Vanity got her hands on LUNA go. The title of her article says it all: Move over Clarisonic, the Foreo Luna Go is my new favorite cleansing brush!

Sorry, Clarisonic, but this Foreo Luna Go is my new favorite cleansing brush! I like how the bristles feel very gentle on my skin, and that I don’t have to worry about replacing the brush head. Silicone is also naturally antibacterial so it won’t allow for germs to breed on the surface. I also find the Foreo easier to clean because the design is so simple and in one piece, so it’s easy to wash off any dirt that gets stuck in the bristles. The facial massager feature of the Foreo is a nice bonus, too.

Skincare Hunting

Jessie is a skincare enthusiast who pitted Clarisonic’s Mia range against FOREO’s LUNA range in her review called “The battle of the cleansing brushes”. Like many former Clarisonic users, she planned on using both devices but found that LUNA covered all her cleansing needs.

Hands down, my preference is the Foreo Luna, in fact since the Luna arrived in my house, my Clarisonic has been sitting idly on the bathroom shelf gathering dust (sorry Clarisonic). I just feel that LUNA has much more to offer. It’s gentler, it’s more hygienic, it’s more cost-effective and it has the anti-aging feature. Like I said above, the anti-aging feature alone was a massive pro for me and it’s so effective.