The one chore we all love to postpone.

Can’t remember the original color of your makeup sponges? Same, sis. Even though most of us put on makeup every day, we don’t clean our brushes nearly as often. Unfortunately for us, that’s extremely dangerous for our skin and general health. 

Bacteria Playground

Makeup brushes are porous which means they are ideal for bacteria build-up. They easily pick up oil from our skin, makeup pigments, dead skin cells etc. It’s a perfect cocktail for skin irritation, clogged pores and acne breakouts. Harmful viruses and bacteria like staph and E. coli can thrive in this environment for a long time.

How often should you clean your brushes

Professional makeup artists clean their tools after each use. Ideally, you should wash your brushes once a week. Use an anti-bacterial spray or wet wipes to spot clean them regularly. Thoroughly clean them at least once a month. Take special care of the brushes you use with wet and creamy products like foundation and concealer brushes. When it comes to makeup sponges, you should wash them thoroughly more often – preferably every week. Don’t forget to replace them every couple of months to keep your skin safe!

How to deep clean your makeup tools

You don’t have to look far to find proper makeup-cleaning products. You can clean your tools with baby shampoo or dishwashing liquid soap. To clean your makeup sponge, first rinse it with warm water. Then pour some dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo on it. Squish it until it soaks it up. Finally, rinse thoroughly. Repeat until the water is completely clear.

To clean your brushes mix up warm water and a tablespoon of baby shampoo or dishwashing soap in a cup. Some people add a teaspoon of olive oil to condition the bristles. Dip your brushes, bristles facing down, into the cup. Leave them soaking in there for about 15 minutes. Using a cup and keeping them upside down will stop the water from seeping into the brush handle. You don’t want to break down the glue in the handles! Rinse each brush under running water until the water is completely clear. Ta-da! Lay them flat on a towel and leave them to dry overnight. Goodbye bacteria and unhealthy gunk!

Don’t forget about your face

Cleaning your makeup tools regularly is a great way to ensure your skin stays healthy. Nevertheless, don’t forget to cleanse your face regularly too. In order to let your skin thrive you should cleanse it properly. LUNA 3 will make sure you get rid of germs and bacteria in minutes. It even comes with app-connected firming massage routines. It truly is the facial cleansing device of your dreams!

girl using FOREO massage treatment around eyes