Looking for a fresh healthy glow and can’t decide between our two beautiful LUNA minis? We got your back.

Remember how thrilling it was when we first met LUNA mini 2? The little hi-tech facial cleansing device came into so many lives and made so many people feel so beautiful. Now her little sister is here – LUNA mini 3 – and you might be wondering what’s new with FOREO’s latest LUNA.

Our new smart beauty-tech baby

It’s app-connected, interactive and extremely personalizable – you can set your own cleansing preferences via the FOREO For You app. Just wait until you hear about the extremely convenient ‘Find my LUNA’ feature. You will never have to worry again about misplacing your miracle device – the FOREO app will find it for you! You’re so welcome!

Glow everyone away


There’s more to this LUNA than meets the eye. In a rush? Exhausted at the gym and can’t wait until you get home to wash your face? Just double-click for Glow boost mode! It’s the Lm3’s fast yet gentle facial cleansing mode that removes dirt, oil and sweat in just 30 seconds! This innovative feature will leave your skin clean, healthy and radiant-looking.

LUNA mini 3 vs LUNA mini 2

We know what you’re thinking: What about LUNA mini 2? Don’t worry, Lm 2 is still here for you! Both of these amazing devices offer superb facial cleansing. Both are made from ultra-hygienic silicone that’s bacteria resistant. Both have extra-soft touchpoints that deliver 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute – removing 99.5% of dirt, oil and sweat. And both deserve a hip hip hooray!

Why did we make LUNA mini 3? Because we’re addicted to innovation, high-tech, and personalization. And because we want to make your lives even easier. Lm 3 comes with new extraordinary features: a stronger battery, more levels of intensity (12, to be exact!), personalized routines, longer and softer touchpoints, Glow Boost mode and the super cool ‘Find my LUNA’ feature.

LUNA 3 mini has a stronger battery, more levels of intensity, personalized routines, and longer and softer touchpoints.

Are you a proud LUNA owner? What does your skincare routine look like? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments and we’ll be forever grateful.

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