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A Skincare Revolution: FOREO UFO Has Landed!

This is one giant leap for skincare lovers.   Founded in 2013 by Bosnian-born Swede, Filip Sedic, FOREO has been at the forefront of the beauty tech revolution from the very beginning, rejecting industry norms and forging our own path forward, creating a new set of standards along the way. So it stands to reason that our latest - and dare we say greatest - innovation, the UFO, would be no different.   It isn’t an indication of life on another planet, but UFO does breathe new life to a beauty sector that has remained stagnant for centuries. This technology is the product of some of the most creative minds in the beauty industry. And that’s why we’re taking it straight to the most forward-thinking consumers in the world - on Kickstarter!   Starting today, UFO is exclusively available to early adopters on Kickstarter. So... are you a believer?

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