Go green or go home.

Do you read the labels on your skincare and beauty products? You should. Firstly, to avoid harmful ingredients and secondly to make sure you support the right causes. Being conscious about our shopping choices impacts our skin and our health as well as our planet. Cruelty-free, organic, vegan or sustainable – you can look good and save the world at the same time.

Going green(er) is easier than ever

The rise in green products comes as no surprise since we’re all striving to reduce pollution and waste. Being environmentally responsible has never been higher on our agendas. Last year even household cleaning products saw a significant rise in eco-friendly goods. But what about skincare? Don’t worry, many brands are turning to natural, organic and eco-friendly versions of their popular commodities. However, we must remain alert and read the labels before we make a purchase.

What is greenwashing?

Unfortunately, people are quick to jump on the save-the-planet-bandwagon without doing the actual work. Since there are no clear guidelines on being “eco-friendly” or “green”, companies are quick to plop a sticker onto their products and call it a day. That is not saving the planet or fooling anyone. It’s actually called greenwashing. Thankfully there are ways to ensure you’re supporting the good guys. Read the labels and research the company. Does it test on animals? Do the ingredients come from renewable sources? What about the packaging? Is it paper or plastic? Is it recyclable? Show those corporations you can think for yourself and always remain conscious about your purchases.

Reuse, repurpose, upcycle

The best way to do right by the environment is to make sure you’re creating the least amount of waste possible. Extreme minimalism may seem a bit extreme (pun intended) but we can help the planet a lot by reducing our waste. For instance, reusing, repurposing and upcycling helps tremendously.  Moreover, creating your own DIY natural products is beneficial both for you and the planet.

Saving the planet – 1 product at the time

If you’re thinking about clearing your entire makeup bag and switching to all-green everything, it might prove to be more difficult than you think. Try not to overwhelm yourself or your bank account. Start slow instead. When you run out of a product, go out and find a “greener” version. It’s going to take some time but in a couple of months, you’ll live a healthier, more planet-friendly life – and that’s all that matters!

Did you know that FOREO’s ISSA range reduces your impact on the environment significantly? They are built to last, you have to charge them just twice a year and they’re made out of silicone which converts back into inorganic, harmless ingredients! What are your tips and tricks for going green? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments – let’s help each other save the planet!