Show Your LUNA Some TLC! How to Look After Your Cleansing Brush

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Put the ‘care’ in skincare.

Whether it’s the OG of glow, LUNA 2, or the new kid on the beauty tech block, LUNA fofo, your LUNA facial brush takes good care of your complexion – it’s time to return the favor! Every member of the LUNA lineup features ultra-hygienic silicone and zero replacement brush heads, making them the low-maintenance superstars of the skincare world. But if you want to keep your FOREO LUNA in tip-top shape, here are a few ways to show it a little TLC:

Use the Right Cleanser

On the quest to find the perfect cleanser for your skin, don’t forget to consider what your LUNA needs! You can use whatever facial cleanser you prefer, but to keep your device in optimal condition, avoid using clay-based, silicone-based or grainy cleansers as they may damage the soft silicone touchpoints.

Keep it Clean

Made entirely of ultra-hygienic silicone, your LUNA doesn’t require much in the way of cleaning. But, it’s a good idea to give it a good wash with soap and warm water from time to time. Doing so in the dishwasher, however, is most definitely a bad idea. Beauty tech doesn’t mix with a heated dry cycle, y’all! For the ultimate no-fuss clean, you can give your LUNA a few spritzes of our silicone cleaning spray to help extend the life of the silicone – your LUNA (and your skin) will thank you.

Keep it Dry

In addition to being bacteria-resistant, silicone is quick-drying. But you can help things along – once it’s clean, simply pat LUNA dry with a lint-free cloth or towel and you’re good to go! A nice, dry face brush will keep any nasty buildup at bay so you can keep on keepin’ on.

Let it SHINE!

The best way to show the love for your LUNA is to keep it in its proper place – on display! Just keep it sittin’ pretty on the counter next to the sink and your LUNA will be sure to brighten up your bathroom – and your day!  But, don’t forget, if you want your LUNA to live long and prosper, please make sure it is staying on a dry surface and in a dry (bathroom) environment to prevent any silicone damage or discoloration.

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63 responses to “Show Your LUNA Some TLC! How to Look After Your Cleansing Brush”

  1. Marianne Berkshire says:

    How do I replace the batteries on my Foreo Luna Fofo

    • FOREO says:

      Hi, Marianne!
      Thanks for reaching out!
      You just need to unscrew the two little screws on the bottom of your Fofo and remove the lid to uncover the batteries 🙂

  2. Minh Thu says:

    I am really impress with the FOREO LUNA mini 2. Now, I still remember the first time I touched my skin after just one time using it. And let me tell you:
    MY SKIN FELT LIKE SOMEONE ELSE’S!! I was really soft, hydrates looked healthier! I have use it for a month now and suddenly, yesterday my FOREO LUNA mini 2 stopped working like it normally would:(( the problem is unexpected. But I contacted the customer service and so far, so good the service is good. I have to be honest: At first, when I was about to send an email for them, I thought I am going to be wait for few days or even few week for them to reply. But surprisingly, I received and email from one of their staff right away in the next day! Really impress!!

    • FOREO says:

      Dear Minh, thank you very much for your nice feedback! We are constantly working hard to keep our product and service quality at the highest level 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    I got eyebrow hair stuck in foreo brush, how can i clean it?

    • FOREO says:

      Hello Joe,
      Try rinsing it out under running water. If it doesn’t help, gently use a pointy object or tweezers to remove it. Be very careful not to damage the soft silicone.

  4. Beatriz says:

    Hi. I would like to know if I can massage my face using foreo LUNA and the Mineral 89 from Vichy, please. I want to confirm if hyaluronic acid can harm the Foreo silicone, please. Thank you

    • FOREO says:

      Hi, Beatriz! Hyaluronic acid should not harm your Foreo 🙂

  5. Katelyn says:

    I have tried washing my Foreo multiple times with warm water and soap. My foundation is still stuck to the tops of the little messagers. Is there another way of cleaning that is perhaps more intense at removing makeup residue?

    • FOREO says:

      Dear Katelyn, you may want to try the FOREO Silicone Cleaning Spray, its fast-acting formula extends durability of your brush by quickly removing dirt, cleanser and makeup residue. In the future, make sure to remove your makeup before cleansing your face with LUNA for best results 🙂

  6. hanna says:

    hello, there are black dirt on my foreo and it won’t disappear, even when I cleaned it with brush cleanser soap and rinsing it out under running water. how can i remove the dirt? thanks

    • FOREO says:

      Hi, Hanna! The black dirt you are mentioning might be mold. It may appear if your device is not stored properly, due to the wet environment (bathroom). Always make sure to clean and dry your device after use and store it in a dry place. Please contact FOREO Customer Care for more information.

  7. Edell says:

    I would try baby bottle sterilizing tablets or denture cleaner tablets to kill the mold.

  8. Audrielle says:

    How can I remove the mould on my foreo?

  9. aina says:

    hi! ive received my foreo recently and i realised that the bristles on mine were not as soft as the other one i bought for my mom. why is that so? and how can i softens the bristles?

    • FOREO says:

      Hi Aina, it depends on which device you have. Different devices have different designs depending on the skin type. If you wish to exchange your device send an email to and they will help you. 🙂

  10. A says:

    My foundation has stained my fofo. I’ve tried many cleansers to get the foundation off and nothing works. Anything you can suggest?

  11. Amelia says:

    My facial cleanser is a clay. I prefer to continue using it as it has worked miracles with my skin! How bad is it to use clays with my Foreo?

    • FOREO says:

      Please note that we recommend not to use any cleansers that are oil-based, clay-based, or have exfoliated. This could possibly cause damage to the silicone of the device.

  12. Upasna says:

    I seem to have got a couple of small tiny specs of black mould on my Foreo Luna mini 2. I tried cleaning it in warm running water with a mild soap and soft toothbrush. But that didn’t help. What’s the best way to remove it

  13. Sandy says:

    Foreo is said to be bacteria resistant and yet overnight my foreo luna got two dark spots in the face washer side, which i later learned to be molds. Two months, using it daily, and yet molds just suddenly appeared. Silicon spray would be another expense to an already expensive device. Its not even covered by the warranty.

    • FOREO says:

      Hello Sandy, we are truly puzzled to hear this! Don’t worry, we always have a solution. Please send an email to and you’ll receive assistance in no time. 🙂

  14. Beatriz says:

    Hi, I

    I use the Foreo luna for sensitive skin and I’ve been noticing a kind of stain within the bristles. Can I use a clean toothbrush and facial cleanser to gently brush into the bristles to remove any dead skin or other stuff that might be accumulated?


    • FOREO says:

      Sorry to hear this Beatriz. Yes, you can try cleaning your device with our Silicone Cleaning Spray in combination with an old toothbrush and apply force while scrubbing in between the bristles.

  15. NW says:

    How often should the silicone spray be used to clean the device?

    • FOREO says:

      Please note that you can clean your device with the silicon spray after each use.

  16. Hannah says:

    I replaced the batteries of my foreo Luna and it now it only goes for one part of my face then turns off. Why is this?

  17. Olivia says:

    Hi, I have Luna 3, Luna Mini 2 and Play Plus. My facial cleanse if Luxe Organics AHA BHA Miracle Solution. Is it safe to use with the Foreo Devices? This is the only cleanser that calms my combination skin with occasional cystic acne due to pcos. I also alternate it with Origins Cheek and Balance. Can I use both cleansers with my devices? My Play Plus has a weird noise and it’s only one year old and a lot of times it won’t turn off. Looking forward to your response.

    • FOREO says:

      Hi Olivia, I would kindly ask you to check the ingredients of your cleansers and make sure they are not oil-based, clay-based, or have exfoliated. This could possibly cause damage to the silicone of the device. Regarding your Luna Play Plus please change the batteries and if that does not help send an email to for further assistance.

  18. Fay says:

    Hi there,
    Do I have to cover the charging port every time I clean my Foreo Luna 3 under water?

    • FOREO says:

      Please note that Luna 3 is waterproof including the charging port. However, please note that we do not recommend submerging your device.

  19. Lam says:

    There seems to be some brow/eyelash hairs stuck in the bristles of my Foreo Luna. What is the best way to remove them?

  20. Arianne says:

    When I received my Foreo Luna play plus, it had a strong smell of rubber. What can I do to remove that smell?

  21. Serena says:

    I have the Foreo Luna Mini 2. I follow all the instructions of washing it and drying it after every use, but there’s no way of fully drying the spaces in between each bristle, so there is hard water deposit in between the bristles. I tried using a toothbrush to brush in between them, but it didn’t completely remove the hard water deposit. Maybe because the toothbrush wasn’t stiff enough. Is it safe to use denture tablets (only submerge the bristles part, and not the plug)?

    • FOREO says:

      Don’t worry, Serena. You can just keep your device in the bedroom on the counter and allow it to air dry.

  22. Marissa says:

    I managed to connect my Foreo Luna 3 to my phone via Bluetooth but I can’t get the cleansing mode to work! How can I get it to start working? I’ve tried pressing the button again and nothing happened… Also, the charging port doesn’t have a cover… is this normal?

    • FOREO says:

      Hello Marissa, don’t worry, it’s normal for the charging port to not have a cover. Please note that you are not supposed to connect your Luna 3 with your phone, you need to connect it with our FOREO For You APP while your Bluetooth is on. If you need any help please send an email to

  23. Nic says:


    Can I clean my Foreo device with bleach if I don’t have the Silicone Cleaning Spray?

    • carly says:

      Hi Nic, We wouldn’t recommend using bleach as this will damage the silicone of your device. Please always follow the recommendations but if you are unsure then get in touch with our Customer Care Team on for more information. Hope the helps 🙂

  24. Rana kanbar says:

    Hello can i use my skinseuticals cleansers with my luna 3? The cleansers contains salycilic acid and glycolic acid.

    • carly says:

      Hi Rana, Thank you for your message. We would recommend that you stay clear of the Glycolic acid on your device as this may damage it over time. I hope this helps 🙂

  25. Dami N Co says:

    In this article you will get to know about how to take care of foreo luna. This article is very knowledgeable for everyone. Anyone searching for same topic may find their shelter here. I am sure many people will come to read this in the future. Great blog indeed, will visit again future to read more!!

    • carly says:

      Dear Dami, Thank you for your kind words! We are happy to hear this has helped 🙂

  26. Timur says:

    Can I use any hygiene spray for home, e.g. Sagrotan, to clean my Foreo Luna 3?

    • carly says:

      Its best to use a mild cleanser that will not deteriorate the silicone and it’s best to stay away from alcohol as this can also irritate the skin.

  27. Viviane says:

    i lost the charger for my Luna 3. where can i buy another one i live in singapore?

    • carly says:

      Hi Viviane, Sorry to hear that but don’t worry you can purchase one from or contact customer care who can point you in the right direction.

  28. Firdaus says:

    Hi. Can i leave my luna play plus in toilet that have water heater? Does it cause any damage to my foreo?

    • carly says:

      Hi! The bathroom is not the best place to keep your FOREO device in general, we would kindly recommend keeping your device in a dry environment. 🙂

  29. Barbara Koelker says:

    My Foreo has developed 2 puffed round areas on the moisturizer side.

    • carly says:

      Dear Barbara, we recommend that you contact our Customer Care Team as this can assist you further with this but it appears that the moisturizer or cleanser may have damaged the Silicone of the device.

  30. Lauren Hugo says:

    Do I wash my Foreo with anti-bacterical wash like Dettol with warm water?

    • carly says:

      Hi Lauren this maybe a little harsh on the silicone over time so please follow the TLC tips on looking after your device

  31. Vy says:

    Is it actually good or suitable when I use my facial cleansing gel to clean my Foreo device regularly instead of using silicone cleaning spray?

    • carly says:

      We recommend the silicone cleaning spray to help with keeping your LUNA in tip top shape but if you can not get your hands on it right away then a mild facial wash would be good to use for the time being. Hope this helps 🙂

  32. Superbly written article, if only all bloggers offered the same content as you, the internet would be a far better place..

    • carly says:

      Thank you for your kind words and we are happy to hear that you enjoyed our article.

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