Put the ‘care’ in skincare.

Whether it’s the OG of glow, LUNA 2, or the new kid on the beauty tech block, LUNA fofo, your LUNA facial brush takes good care of your complexion – it’s time to return the favor! Every member of the LUNA lineup features ultra-hygienic silicone and zero replacement brush heads, making them the low-maintenance superstars of the skincare world. But if you want to keep your FOREO LUNA in tip-top shape, here are a few ways to show it a little TLC:

Use the Right Cleanser

On the quest to find the perfect cleanser for your skin, don’t forget to consider what your LUNA needs! You can use whatever facial cleanser you prefer, but to keep your device in optimal condition, avoid using clay-based, silicone-based or grainy cleansers as they may damage the soft silicone touchpoints.

Keep it Clean

Made entirely of ultra-hygienic silicone, your LUNA doesn’t require much in the way of cleaning. But, it’s a good idea to give it a good wash with soap and warm water from time to time. Doing so in the dishwasher, however, is most definitely a bad idea. Beauty tech doesn’t mix with a heated dry cycle, y’all! For the ultimate no-fuss clean, you can give your LUNA a few spritzes of our silicone cleaning spray to help extend the life of the silicone – your LUNA (and your skin) will thank you.

Keep it Dry

In addition to being bacteria-resistant, silicone is quick-drying. But you can help things along – once it’s clean, simply pat LUNA dry with a lint-free cloth or towel and you’re good to go! A nice, dry face brush will keep any nasty buildup at bay so you can keep on keepin’ on.

Let it SHINE!

The best way to show the love for your LUNA is to keep it in its proper place – on display! Just keep it sittin’ pretty on the counter next to the sink and your LUNA will be sure to brighten up your bathroom – and your day!  But, don’t forget, if you want your LUNA to live long and prosper, please make sure it is staying on a dry surface and in a dry (bathroom) environment to prevent any silicone damage or discoloration.