Two Thumbs Up for LUNA 2.

The revolutionary LUNA 2 is an enhanced sonic facial cleansing massager that provides the ultimate facial cleanse in only one minute. Made from ultra-hygienic material, the smooth silicone touchpoints help guarantee a deep cleanse. What’s not to love?

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“I actually didn’t think that I could find something better than my LUNA for Sensitive/Normal skin, but when FOREO launched their LUNA 2 line, I was proven wrong”

FOREO made numerous changes in the LUNA 2, and they created four specialized designs to more precisely meet the needs of combination, normal, oily, and sensitive skin.”

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“Within the first couple weeks, my pores were clearer, the skin was smoother, and experienced less congestion and breakouts overall”

“Even a quick test using a pad and toner can show the difference in the deep down clean that you get – using only my fingers, I saw leftover makeup and dead skin, whereas using my LUNA, I saw nothing leftover on the pad. (…) It’s no wonder that it has claimed a permanent spot in my skincare routine.”

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“Since using LUNA 2, I have noticed positive changes in my skin! My sebaceous filaments are less prominent, which was my original goal.”

“My face is also softer, and I have had fewer breakouts (can’t stop the hormonal breakouts, though). Overall, Foreo Luna 2 is a great option if you’re looking for a facial cleansing device that is hygienic and gently cleans your skin!”

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“The gentle pulsations really help with the cleansing process and at the end of the cycle my skin feels squeaky clean and fresh”

“I’ve tried the Foreo Luna 2 with a number of cleansers now, including the cream, butter and foaming formulas and it has worked well with all of them. My favorite combination though is with a cream cleanser, but that’s just because it’s the consistency that’s most suitable for my skin type. There’s no way I would be able to achieve similar results by just using my hands.”

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“So would I recommend this device? Absolutely yes.

“Though it has a high price point, I love that it’s rechargeable and reusable, easy to use, easy to clean and hygienic, and you never need to replace any parts such as brush heads. The LUNA 2 could literally last you years if you look after it, making it a truly excellent investment for your skin.”

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“For brides to be I would highly recommend introducing the Luna 2 into your existing skin care routine,(…), in order to prepare your skin as the perfect canvas for your bridal makeup.”

“My first impression was that the brush itself felt really soft on my skin but at the same time I could feel the silicone bristles deeply cleaning my pores. Post-shower I felt my skin was instantly clearer and my makeup felt easier to apply. I noticed my foundation just glided onto my skin and sat much better for the entire rest of the day.”

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“The whole cleansing and anti-aging routines are both very pleasant and it’s almost like having a gentle mini-facial every time you use it.”

“The results have also been excellent, my pores look clearer and smaller, fine lines seem softer, my skin appears firmer and more toned and overall my complexion looks healthier, more even and brighter than it did before.”

Jessie from Skincare Hunting is very interested in anti-aging and skin care so she decided to put LUNA 2 on the test.  If you have any doubts about LUNA 2 make sure you read her thoughts and experiences in this LUNA 2 review.


“I feel like the Luna 2 Sensitive face cleansing brush is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to introduce a face cleansing brush in their daily skin care regimen but tends to experience skin sensitivity.”

“Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive and many things can cause it to react in redness and breakouts.  (…) In about two weeks, when I was certain my skin wasn’t reacting negatively, I increased that to using my Luna every evening. In another week or so I reached the point of using my Luna every morning and evening – essentially whenever I washed my face, I used my Luna.”

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“I didn’t think I would need it ever, but now that I have it I can’t go back to life without it.”

“I started using it when I had several acne spots but it cleared up very quickly, thanks to its deep cleansing function. The pulses are gentle and I can actually see any leftover makeup residue come off from my skin onto the brush. I feel like I’m doing a facial every night with it so even on those tired, lazy days I still end up using it and ensuring I complete my full skincare routine before sleeping.”

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“So, I can finally say that Foreo Luna is my life savior, my Holy Grail products.”

“It helps me clear out my skin, cleanse it not just on the surface, but also deep into my pores. I do notice I have less clogged pores when I use this device. And I do notice that my skin care (serum, moisturizer) absorbs much quickly after I cleanse my face with LUNA. All that little bumps on my face gone after I use this, yup believe it or not.”

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