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Skincare of the Future

Skincare of the Future with FOREO
No, it’s not a shower radio. It’s not a neck massager. And sadly, no, it’s not a tiny spaceship. But it is technology to get excited about. When you first spot the LUNA or LUNA mini, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the array of bright colors. First they catch your eye, then you pick up your favorite color to examine. You still don’t know what it is, but the silicone feels smooth and soft and the ergonomic design fits satisfyingly in the palm of your hand. Naturally, curiosity will provoke you to press the button at the center, and the device will start its T-sonic™ pulsations. Are you any closer to guessing what it is? We’ve heard some entertaining guesses over the years - no, it’s not a shower radio. It’s not a neck massager (maybe it could be, but we haven’t tried it). And sadly, no, it’s not a tiny spaceship. But it is technology to get excited about.

Age Old Problem, High Tech Solutions

The LUNA and LUNA mini are facial cleansing devices that present innovative skincare solutions for every age and skin type. The high grade, super hygienic silicone bristles deliver 8,000 pulsations per minute to your face, gently removing 98.5 percent of makeup residue and unclogging pores of 99.5 %  of dirt and oil. For those seeking some anti-aging magic, apply the reverse side of the LUNA facebrush to your problem areas - its concentric silicone waves help reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. This might sound like NASA-speak but it actually comes straight from the innovative minds of the Swedes - specifically, FOREO. This Swedish-based company reaches into the future to bring pioneering health and beauty solutions to us mortals merely hanging out in present day. And now FOREO has done it again - the LUNA has a new sidekick: DAY and NIGHT CLEANSERS designed to pair perfectly with the devices.

Skincare for Day and Night

Our daytime lives are totally different from our nighttime experiences - so why would we use the same cleanser in the AM and PM? This simple question provided the foundation for the inspiration of FOREO’s new DAY and NIGHT CLEANSERS. In the morning, your skin needs to feel refreshed and ready to take on a big day - that means not just cleansed, but moreover protected from the impending rigors and stresses of the day. At night, your skin needs a more serious cleansing to purify after a day of exposure to pollutants, dirt and debris.

Pioneering Solutions for Skincare Needs

So your normal “all purpose” skin cleanser just isn’t cutting it - your skin needs different things in the morning than at night. But how do you meet those needs?

Probiotics in the Morning

Lots of science is already jumping on the wonders of probiotics - we already know that probiotics offer an effective treatment for lots of digestive issues. They can also strengthen your immune system and may even offer a way to cure peanut allergies. And now, the FOREO DAY CLEANSER is the first to use probiotics for healthier skin. The probiotics in the FOREO DAY CLEANSER are like the ones you’ll find in your yogurt (but please don’t eat the cleanser). Research in recent years has cleared up some common misunderstandings about bacteria. Not all bacteria are bad - in fact, your body relies upon hundreds of strains of bacteria to keep every system running smoothly - including the largest organ of all, your skin. The good bacteria (or probiotics, as science now refers to them) found in the DAY CLEANSER help to fight against the damaging effects of stress and environmental pollutants. When under stress, your skin suffers, but the cleanser’s probiotics protect your skin all day to prevent redness and irritation. The DAY CLEANSER’s probiotics also prevent against aging. We all know UV rays are bad for our skin. (Use sunscreen, kids!) But why? UV rays cause the degeneration of elastin and collagen, which are essential for firm skin. When you wash with the DAY CLEANSER’s probiotics, they provide a long-lasting protective shield for your skin against damaging UV rays. The probiotics may even help achieve anti-aging effects: skin cells exposed to the probiotics in the DAY CLEANSER showed increased metabolic activity - meaning they grow and reproduce faster, keeping your skin looking younger. Who knew? Probiotics in your yogurt help your system digest more efficiently, and probiotics in your day cleanser protect your skin from all the difficulties of the day. Leave it to the Swedes to figure that one out.

Meteorites at Night

FOREO is not affiliated with NASA and no, they didn’t fly to space to bring back moon rocks (we’re pretty sure that extraction process would not make for an affordable product). So how does FOREO bring galactic ingredients to their NIGHT CLEANSER? First of all, let’s be clear about what a meteorite is: A meteorite, or “shooting star”, is a meteor that survives its passage through Earth’s atmosphere and crashes into the ground, from where it can then be “mined” for its valuable minerals. You’ve probably witnessed this process happening yourself - a few times a year you can catch clusters of meteors all falling through the night sky in a beautiful display of nature at work. Meteor showers, as they’re called, are usually triggered by comets passing close by Earth, shedding their icy, stardust-y debris. So the next time you’re staying up late to watch a meteor shower, you’re also watching the first Earthly step in the creation of FOREO’s NIGHT CLEANSER. Since pre-recorded history, humans have been incorporating meteorites into their grooming routines. Ancient healers believed meteorites to be gifts from the heavens and used them in everything from curative rituals to prayer ceremonies. We’re not sure if the meteorite powder in FOREO’s NIGHT CLEANSER will help you achieve any level of spiritual enlightenment, but when used with your LUNA or LUNA mini, you will get a deep, purifying clean and gentle exfoliation for a cleaner, softer and healthier complexion.

Step into the Future

The LUNA facebrush and DAY and NIGHT CLEANSERS won’t take you to outer space, but they will give you the next best thing: out-of-this-world beautiful skin. To get 10% off your FOREO order, sign up for the MYSA newsletter now!  
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