Introducing the newest addition to your smartphone screen

We’re taking things up a notch. Think personalized skincare, and routines that change with you, and for you. In other words, FOREO is still For Everyone – but it’s also For You.


Shop Your Heart Out

What does the FOREO For You app have to offer when it’s not working hard to get you gorgeous skin? Only everything FOREO related that you can dream of!

The app is going to feature it’s very own in-app shop that will allow you guys to check out everything FOREO has to offer, as well as keep up to date on all the latest sales right from the comfort of your smartphone. With Black Friday just around the corner, this really could not have come at a better time!

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FOREO For You, Now

Constantly evolving, at this very moment the FOREO For You app works with several of the brand’s exciting devices that are currently out: LUNA fofo, UFO smart mask, UFO mini, LUNA 3, and LUNA mini 3.

Continue reading and find out exactly how each of these skin saviors connects with the app to get you amazing personalized treatments.


Good Things Come In (Mini) 3’s

LUNA mini 3 on magazine next to FOREO cleanser

That’s why we made sure that LUNA mini 3 would be one of our next app connected devices. Use the FOREO For You app to adjust the pulsation levels and find one that best suits your skin. The app will start it’s regular cleansing mode which lasts 60 seconds, and indicates to change facial zone by pausing briefly during the cleansing treatment. However, if a minute is too long, we’ve got a super special Glow boost mode in store; get unbelievably glowy skin in 30 seconds.

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Save The Best For Last

LUNA 3's on a pastel background


Syncing LUNA 3 to your app using Bluetooth not only gives you the ability to customize the intensity of the cleanse by choosing your preferred power level, but it also offers its users – drum roll please – the ability to get their very own at home facial massage treatments. Thanks to our interaction between app and cleanser, you can now enjoy a step by step tutorial on how to get the best firming massages for your eyes, mouth, neck, and jawline.

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An App For Out-Of-This World Skincare

FOREO For You also unlocks the very best features of our revolutionary smart mask devices: UFO and UFO mini. UFO incorporates four beauty technologies to maximize your skin’s absorption of a range of UFO-Activated Masks – namely, cooling Cryotherapy, warming Thermotherapy, T-sonic pulsations, and full-spectrum LED light therapy. While it’s smaller counterpart the UFO mini holds all these benefits, aside from the Cryotherapy feature. 

UFO and UFO-Activated Masks

Each device has been programmed to work with two of the seven-strong range of Korean-sourced UFO-Activated Masks. Use the FOREO For You app to get the full benefit of exciting formulas like collagen-infused Youth Junkie; ultra-hydrating H2Overdose; or illuminating eye mask, Shimmer Freak. Simply use the app to scan each mask to kickstart a 90-second program spanning heat, cold, pulsations and light – and say hello to gorgeous skin!

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What The fofo?

LUNA fofo

How does this smartest of apps unlock the potential of these devices? Well in the case of  LUNA fofo – the world’s first ever two-in-one skin analyzer and brush – The FOREO For You app uses the dual sensors on the brush to read your skin’s hydration levels across four specific facial zones, delivering results directly to your screen. Its sophisticated algorithm then creates a customized cleansing program of T-sonic pulsations, syncing directly to the brush itself.

What this means is that your brush delivers routines for your skin – be it dry, oily, normal – or any combination thereof! Even better, the more people who use the app, the more it learns about the universals of skincare that connect every single one of us.

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