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Eager to live a happy and fulfilled beauty-life? Try to master this list!

We create bucket lists to achieve important goals and get the most out of life. While some opt for a more pretentious route and list things like “Dive at the Great Barrier Reef”, “Hike through the Himalayas” or “write a book” – why not get creative and compile a beauty bucket list that won’t be impossible to complete? 


Your beauty bucket list 

A beauty bucket list is a series of inspirational beauty goals that you might want to try at least once in your life. If you’re into beauty and self-care, chances are you probably already have a list like this. Don’t worry, there’s always new things to try out and new ways to experiment with your look. We carefully compiled this list to serve as inspiration or a guide. And now it’s up to you to make it your own!

1. Experiment

Thinking about getting bangs? Dying your hair in a pastel color? How about a nose ring? That one magical thing that works for everybody? That thing doesn’t exist. The only way to discover what works best for you – what looks good and makes you feel happy – is to experiment. Curiosity can lead to the most wonderful discoveries. So go on and try lash extensions or get crazy nail art done. If you’re thinking about it for a long time – just do it.

2. Go on a beauty haul

A beauty haul is a sacred spiritual experience every single person deserves to go through at least once in their lifetime. No matter how big or small, long or short, a beauty haul is a beauty haul. Run to the store and pick up a couple of your favorite products or maybe just a few lipsticks. Don’t forget to have fun and try out as many products as you can – test it out with testers! What you end up buying is almost irrelevant. It’s all about the overall experience.

3. Find the perfect brow

Or let the perfect brow find you. We have all seen various YouTube tutorials on finding your perfect brow shape. Ever tried calculating where your ideal arch should be? It’s not easy. This method probably works for a handful of lucky bastards out there. Us mere mortals however have to resort to other means. Brow bars, estheticians or makeup artists – they can help on our quest for the perfect brow.

4. Establish a skincare routine

You don’t have to start with 20 excessive steps and then wonder why you never go through with your routine. Start simple. Cleansing and moisturizing are the key steps. Little goes a long way. You can always add additional steps along the way. Some extra (hydrating) love for dry skin, some toning for oily etc. You know your skin better than anybody. And don’t forget to use sunscreen! NEVER forget sunscreen!

5. Treat yourself to a high-tech beauty device

Reward yourself for dedication to your skincare routine and splurge on a high-tech beauty device. Step your beauty game up with a device that will turn your mediocre afternoons into spa days at home. You want to make a self-care task seem less of a chore? Maybe you need a laser hair removal system. You want a superior skincare routine? Try UFO 2, a smart masking device that offers the most comprehensive mask treatment on the planet. 

6. Perfect the 5-minute makeup routine

Adulting mostly consists of being late to various things all the time. It’s time to make your life so much easier with this little trick. Different steps work better for different people. A few dabs of concealer, a quick sweep of bronzer, a couple strokes of mascara, and a smear of lipstick could work for you. Play around and try it out. Master it now, use it forever.

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