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Work Hard, Play Hard: An Inside Look at What It’s Like to Work at FOREO

Step into our office. In the short 5 years since its founding, FOREO, founded by Bosnian-born Swede Filip Sedic in 2013, has gone from relative underdog to undisputed beauty tech champs. That kind of skyrocketing growth has led to a fast-paced, high-energy work environment that fosters ever-more innovative ideas and creative pursuits. Here, there is no ‘typical’ day at the office - each day holds something new and different for those lucky enough to count themselves as part of Team FOREO. Each of the more than 40 FOREO offices around the globe are filled with young, ambitious individuals who are eager to shake things up and aren’t afraid to take risks. It’s a rare day indeed that we do much of anything ‘by the book.’ Take, for example, FOREO’s (literal) show-stopping appearance at CES 2018. The world saw a team willing to defy all conventional wisdom of trade show success - and the payoff was incredible. CES will certainly never be the same. Being a part of Team FOREO means being a part of BIG things. But the truly wonderful thing about working here is that despite all our accomplishments, this is a place that refuses to take itself too seriously. Our recent hiring campaign proved that. Unlike those cookie-cutter companies with the same boring ads splashed across LinkedIn, Team FOREO has a sense of humor and is eager to stand out in a crowd. From PR to HR, Team FOREO is bound and determined to turn the world on its head. There’s simply no other workplace quite like ours. [embed width="560" height="315"]https://youtu.be/PArNk4c3ggg[/embed] But you don’t have to take our word for it - FOREO’s EMEA HQ in Zagreb was recently named the best employer in Croatia. Stay tuned for personal testimonies from Team FOREO members around the globe!



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DAN PU AAYIB 27/06/2018

I'm sorry.
I bought it wrong.
Please cancel this order for me.
This order nunmer is:2487782
Thank you

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FOREO 28/06/2018

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Hi Dan,
Your order was successfully canceled. We hope you come back soon to place a new order :)


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