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Conventional wisdom has long taught us that proper skin care techniques and routines depend on our skin type – dryer skin requires deeper moisturizing, oily skin requires chemical peels and dull skin needs exfoliation with a gentle facebrush. Certainly no skincare routine is “one-size-fits-all”, but there is one skin care need that many of us overlook: what should your morning cleansing routine look different than your night-time face cleansing routine?

Would you eat a burger for breakfast and a bowl of cereal for dinner? (Okay, to be honest sometimes pancakes make an awesome dinner and cold pizza a great breakfast.) Just like your dietary needs are different in the morning and at night, so are your skin’s needs. So what does your skin really need?

AM Skincare Routine

We all know mornings are tough (unless you’re one of those lucky “morning people”). Just like your mindset, your skin needs a refresh in the morning to prepare it for and protect it against the upcoming stresses of the day. Think about the barrage of stressors about to hit your skin: pore-clogging makeup, overactive sebaceous glands, damaging UV rays, dirt, bacteria, pollutants and whatever else might come your way.


Probiotic Protection for Day

That’s why you need to bring in the big guns: probiotics. The probiotics in FOREO’s DAY CLEANSER are like the ones you’ll find in your yogurt (but please don’t eat the cleanser). Research in recent years has cleared up some common misunderstandings about bacteria. Not all bacteria are bad – in fact, your body relies upon hundreds of strains of bacteria to keep every system running smoothly – including the largest organ of all, your skin.

Lots of science is already jumping on the wonders of probiotics – we already know that probiotics offer an effective treatment for lots of digestive issues. They can also strengthen your immune system and may even offer a way to cure peanut allergies. And now, FOREO’s DAY CLEANSER is the first skin treatment to use probiotics for healthier skin.

The good bacteria (or probiotics, as science now refers to them) found in the cleanser help to fight against the damaging effects of stress and environmental pollutants, gearing your skin up for a big day ahead.

Think of it as the equivalent of starting your day with a big, balanced breakfast. It’s nutrition, just like you learned in school – just for skin.

Get Your Vitamins: Morning Fruits

Like all good breakfasts do, the DAY CLEANSER’s morning formula contains a few of your favorite fruit ingredients – bergamot, mandarin and apricot extract. This means the cleanser smells citrusy, fresh and invigorating (but again, please don’t eat it). It does more than leave your skin smelling incredible, though – just as a healthy breakfast prepares you physically and mentally for the day ahead, so does cleansing with vitamins prepare your skin.

Bergamot is a variety of orange native to Asia. As a citrus, it’s rich in vitamin C. It also contains essential antioxidants that help purify and tone the skin to improve natural radiance and achieve an anti-aging effect. Mandarin, a citrus like bergamot, also delivers toning vitamins (great for dull, tired skin), and contains purifying antioxidants that are great for oily or acne-prone skin. Apricot complements the purifying effects of bergamot and mandarin citrus with gentle softening, nourishing and moisturizing properties. Its vitamin A and E even help slow the effects of aging.

Cleansing is super easy and, dare we say, may even give you something to look forward to at the sound of your alarm ringing.

Pump some cleanser on to your fingertips, spread over your face, wet your LUNA 2 facebrush and go for it. A minute later, you’re squeaky clean, smelling amazing and ready to take on the day.

PM Skincare Routine

In the evening, most of us simply go for the same cleanser we use in the morning. But does that make any sense? Your night time activities are the complete opposite of your day time’s, so your nighttime skincare routine should be a whole other ballgame. Unlike the daytime when you’re running around expending all that precious energy, at night, sleep allows your body to repair, restore and regenerate for another challenging day. So what’s the best way to let your skin relax and revive as much as possible overnight?

Star Power

First of all, you need to wash away the day. All those stressors and impurities build up, so FOREO’s NIGHT CLEANSER makes use of some truly innovative ingredients to get the gunk out. Meteorite powder (yes, like the kind that fall from outer space) contains rare elements that cleanse and very gently but effectively exfoliates to purify and soften the skin – so that when used with the LUNA facebrush you are treating your face to a truly out-of-this-world cleansing experience.

Pre-bed Detox

FOREO’s NIGHT CLEANSER also contains extract of moringa, a “super species” of tree found in Africa and parts of Asia. Moringa is amazing not just for its ability to purify river water, but also for its similar ability to purify the skin – it’s ideal for usage before bed in order to eliminate the build-up of pollution that occurs throughout our day. Recent studies have also found moringa extract to be effective in revitalizing the skin for an anti-aging result.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

The final and most important aspect to a good night cleanser (and to FOREO’s) is rich moisturizing properties. The NIGHT CLEANSER contains almond oil extracted from the roots of almond trees. This kind of natural, plant-based oil brings your skin the hydration it needs, preparing it for your nightly routine of serum, moisturizers and eye cream, helping to keep your skin soothed and soft all night while you sleep.

With the cleansing power of meteorite powder, the de-toxifying effects of moringa and the hydration provided by almond oil, your nightly cleansing routine gives your skin everything it needs to recover, rejuvenate and prepare to take on another big day.

Use your NIGHT CLEANSER just like the DAY CLEANSER – with your LUNA facebrush (use the LUNA anti-aging mode after you’re done cleansing) and be sure to follow up with your regular moisturizing routine before getting a good night’s beauty sleep. Your skin will thank you for it come sun up.


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