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Silicone, Sonic Pulsations + Style = A Winning Formula for Looking Great and Feeling Better!

Imagine a material as soft as it is durable, 100% waterproof, non-porous, and naturally resistant to bacteria.

The Secret’s in the Silicone (Shhh!)

As futuristic as it sounds, silicone has been working its way into multiple facets of our daily lives since its early stages of commercial development in the 1930s. Comprising chains of silicon molecules with side-groups of other molecules, it can take the form of a liquid or solid. That versatility makes it suitable for everything from sex toys to kitchen utensils, and industries spanning medical through to construction. It’s also FOREO’s not-so-secret ingredient for the gentlest, most hygienic approach to skincare and oral health!

Caring for Your Complexion...

Take LUNA, FOREO’s award-winning range of facial brushes: unlike traditional nylon-bristled face-cleaning devices, all LUNAs are made from medical-grade silicone to offers several key benefits. First, it is incredibly gentle on even sensitive skin, making the range suitable for everyday use. Your skin is amazing: treat it with respect!

...While Keeping Things Clean!

Second is silicone’s hygiene factor. Because it’s non-porous, silicone is resistant to bacterial buildup, making it a whopping 35X more hygienic than standard nylon brushes. Because after all, for a device you count on to keep skin spotless, cleanliness matters! All that’s needed is a quick rinse in water and hey presto, your LUNA is clean again. Finally, silicone may be soft to the touch, but it’s impressively long-lasting. Unlike traditional nylon brushes that need replacing every couple of months, LUNA’s durable silicone brush head goes the distance, and need never be replaced - EVER!

Something to Smile About

When it comes to skincare, silicone changes everything. But did you know it’s also a smart addition to your oral hygiene routine by way of FOREO’s innovative toothbrush range, ISSA?
It’s estimated that almost 700 strains of bacteria live in the average human mouth.
Some are beneficial, others harmless - and some are responsible for nasty buildups of plaque. Cue ultra-hygienic silicone!

Forget Good Vibrations - Discover Sonic Pulsations!

Just as it’s gentle on skin, silicone won’t erode tooth enamel, and massages, rather than irritates, even sensitive gums. Of course, material is one thing, but movement and motion also matter! Both ISSA and LUNA ranges from FOREO use sonic pulsations to effectively lift stains from teeth, and in the case of our award-winning facial brushes, shift a whopping 99.5% of dirt and oil, including makeup residue. So there you have it: FOREO’s not-so-secret weapons for looking great, and feeling even better! Combined, silicone and sonic lend FOREO a winning edge: find out more at www.FOREO.com.  



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Marcella Broughton 03/11/2017

What does "shift" mean in "shift a whopping 99.5% of dirt and oil?" To me that sounds like it's moving the facial "grime" around, but not actually cleansing. Thanks.

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lane 08/11/2017

In reply to by Marcella Broughton


Hi Marcella! Our devices work with your cleanser to loosen oils and dirt from your skin before you rinse it away - like your hands, just more efficient!

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Catsonthebed 04/11/2017

Did I miss something? How about price?

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Ajeng 28/03/2019


I'm thinking of upgrading my cleansing routine for best result, and i'm so get interested in foreo go.
In the other way, i still have a doubt about silicone material that are used in foreo. Are they moslem friendly? Not contains any pig ingredients

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FOREO 29/03/2019

In reply to by Ajeng


Hi, Ajeng! Thank you for your interest in Foreo devices :). Foreo devices are made of silicone which does not contain animal ingredients. For more informations, please contact our Customer Care Team!


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