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The Sweet Flavor of the Pink Macaron

Meet the dynamic blogger duo Pink Macaron; Stephanie and Sarah! A blonde and a brunette – are two best friends who love to be overdressed (mostly in pink)! It all started on Instagram when the two besties from beautiful Munich started sharing pictures of their way of celebrating life.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How did you meet, and how did you start your Pink Macaron blog?

We meet via our ex-boyfriends - with every man comes at least something very good, even if the relationships did not work out in the end ;) We started our blog while working for big companies when we realized we wanted to create something on our own! Something overdressed and pink every girl would love! #girlboss

How did you choose that pink cookie as the name for your blog?

We love the Parisian way of life! La vie en rose and everything that comes with it like delicious strawberry macarons, high-end fashion, pretty handbags or lovely beauty products!

If you’d have to describe each other in just 3 words, what would they be?

Stephanie describes Sarah: mastermind, lonely rider, hair goals. Sarah describes Stephanie: bag-addict, perfectionist, girlboss.  

What’s the best part of working with your best friend?

You can support each other in a very personal way! Working in the blogger industry can be hard from time to time but there is always that person you trust the most by your side!

You travel a lot. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?

We loved our amazing trip to Mauritius but we are not only chasing the sun. We'd also love to see more places with wild nature, like Sylt! And Paris is always a good idea during Fashion Week to grab some PINK Macarons!

Any future plans? What have you got going on? :)

We want to see our pictures spread around the world, make more video content. We love to work with brands like FOREO which really change the market with something new like the FOREO UFO.  

The Fab FOREO Family

We’re thrilled to announce that Stephanie and Sarah are the latest to take part in FOREO’s brand new ambassador program! Whether you were already a fan or new to their channels, we hope you’ll keep your eyes peeled for their latest videos – and stay tuned for exciting new projects from the girls and FOREO!



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pretty levish 08/10/2020

looks attractive and more beautiful must thanks for share a great article.

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carly 13/10/2020

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Thank you Jack :)


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