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The Ultimate FOREO Guidebook

A heaven for those who dream big. FOREO is a human brand with an open heart and an open mind, a brand that stands for equality, diversity, inclusivity. In a bustling multicultural environment, the company celebrates YOUniqueness and respects everyone’s right to be different and true to themselves

A Family of Great Diversity & Cultural Heritage

FOREO is a YOUnique organization and in its arms holds a big family of 3000 members from 6 continents and 80 countries. Can you imagine how much diversity that is? So many different cultural heritages and traditions all gathered harmoniously in the FOREO’s huge, thigh and full-of-love hugs. This inclusive parent embraces and loves each child equally, treats them fairly without judgment, no matter of nationality, race, religion, or language. Everyone has equal access and equal opportunities.   Youth Day Power GIF by MarchForOurLives

Inclusiveness - Humankind, not Mankind

FOREO is a human brand with an open heart and an open mind open to all people equally, not just for a small rich elite but for every single person who cares for their own wellbeing, skin, and beauty. Black Lives Matter Love GIF by Kochstrasse™

Heaven for Those Who Dream Big

The only thing that matters at FOREO is its core values: work, loyalty, open mindset, respect, team players, cultural fit, language skills, information flow & transparency. What we all have in common is the same insatiable desire to discover new angles to meet old challenges and find more intelligent ways of transforming the world together. FOREO aspires to be a heaven for everyone expecting more out of the workplace, everyone who refuses to wave punch cards around, but waves flags of autonomy instead, and above all, for everyone who wishes to do good alongside people with aligned value systems. Justice Love GIF by Buoyant Marketing  

The Person Behind Our Inclusive, Open & Supportive mindset

This beautiful, loving, and open mindset comes straight from “the head”, our founder Filip Sedic. As a true visionary leader, he created a brand that follows and implements his remarkable beliefs. Filip is dedicated to improving the quality of life on every level, making progress, moving things, and being a contributing part of this innovative world. Research and studies clearly show that the more diversified an organization is, the more successful it will be. To be more understanding, you should be more flexible & tolerant.  Filip is a true third culture individual, born and raised in Europe, traveled all continents, and now you can see him in bustling Asian streets,  where Western culture meets Eastern culture.   Diversity Love GIF by VelvyTie  

A Leader Needs to Lead But An Inclusive Leader Needs to Listen

FOREO is an  agile and inclusive company, which grew fast and is constantly going through changes because inclusiveness isn’t conservative, it isn’t static, it’s moving forward fast, shaped by the way things change, people think, and bring new ideas to the table:
Just look at Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, New York. The so-called “melting pots” are where true progress is made, where talents gather and thrive, where the magic of innovation happens. Diversity and inclusion are not topics for brand building, especially in a way that companies do it nowadays - to clear their guilty conscience. For FOREO, this is in our DNA from the very first day. This is who we are., says founder Filip Sedic. 
Speak Up Black Lives Matter GIF

Be YOUnique

In our bustling multicultural environment, we truly believe in celebrating YOUniqueness and respecting everyone’s right to be different and true to themselves. This lifestyle, and workstyle, have also been captured in our new campaign: ‘Be YOUnique’. With this platform FOREO wants to celebrate individuality, diversity, and inclusivity, people who are brave and different and unique, revealing them to a wider world. FOREO wants to contribute to society in lots of meaningful ways — by accepting and welcoming all individuals and making them feel appreciated and respected. And above all, we want to support you and your right to be who you are, to Be YOUnique.  Valentines Day Love GIF     beauty-tech / brand / clean skincare / devices / foreo / global / influencers / innovation / popular / skincare / skinfluencers / technology / the best / trends / popular brand / environment friendly



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Robyn 05/06/2021

Hi I just purchased a Foreo Luna 3 and love it. My question is Do I still use an exfoliator as well as my Foreo?
Thank you

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carly 24/06/2021

In reply to by Robyn


Hi Robyn! Thank you for your comment, we truly appreciate it. Kindly note that your Foreo LUNA™ 3 is an exfoliating device and that you surely can still use an exfoliator with it to ensure deep clean and optimal results. Keep glowing! Best regards. :)


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