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What are you waiting for? Be a part of the beauty (hi)story and join Skin PosiTVty - our first-ever LIVE shopping show!

We launched Skin PosiTVty, FOREO’s first-ever live shopping show because we want to not only entertain you but also give you a deeper understanding of our products. You know very well that we are always one step ahead of the trends. In a world where video formats are a powerful tool for brands to engage with people, we decided to treat you to a series of live streams!

Creating new trends with Skin PosiTVty

We saw that live shopping was trending around the world and we said: Well, let’s do live shopping. We wanted to do a small project, but it evolved week by week into a monster. And that’s the beauty of FOREO - always doing new things and letting things evolve spontaneously. says Boris Trupčević, CEO of FOREO.
Yes, the Skin PosiTVty evolved into a beautiful and powerful platform where you can actually learn everything you ever wanted to know about our products. When you have fun on one side and useful info about our products on the other, it is easier to understand the revolutionary beauty of our devices.

Beauty-tech is finally demystified!

The whole point of the Skin PosiTVty show is to demystify beauty-tech and demonstrate and explain FOREO products. This live show with real people is dedicated to real people. That means YOU. That’s why we didn’t include influencers or models to host this project, but our very own FOREO employees.
This project is big in many ways and one of them is connecting all of us together. It started with just a couple of people and it ended up connecting all departments and having so many people involved in this project. says Trupčević.
In the end, we are just real humans working behind the scenes of a brand.

Participate in the show and save big

If you missed the live shopping experience with Skin PosiTVty that launched on Friday, July 9, don’t worry. We’ll be airing 4 videos in total and you can join us every Friday in July on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on our global accounts as well as on our UK Instagram account. Right now you can tune in here:

YouTube Live  or  Facebook Live 

Not only can you learn a lot about our products and trends in the beauty industry, but you can also be an active participant in Skin PosiTVty. So, watch our live shows, comment, join a discussion, get great tips on advanced skincare, and witness FOREO devices in action non-porous, ultra-hygienic silicone and the power of T-sonic pulsations make a spectacular show of beautiful technology.  Also, don’t forget that you can save big on your whole order by using surprise promo codes that we will give out during the live shows and that will be applicable to your foreo.com shopping cart.



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