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Which Face Masks Team Are You: Sheet Masks or DIY Masks

Woman wearing a sheet mask on her face in a living room

Are you a sheet masks team or DIY masks team? Whatever you choose to use in your skincare routine, both face masks have many benefits. So, here’s what you can get from one and what from another. 

Both face masks are great for an at-home spa treatment

Sheet masks have become a popular staple in the modern-day skincare routines of millions of people around the world. If you are one of them, then you are probably aware of the benefits like effective and instant results. Sheet masks not only moisturize your skin but also can provide anti-aging treatments and even help you save time. All you need is to put a sheet mask on your face and just wait for the magic to happen. Magic can happen in only 2 minutes if you use Farm To Face Sheet Mask in combination with UFO 2. Of course, you can apply it as a regular mask for a relaxing 20 minutes treatment. In both scenarios, you’ll experience the ultimate at-home spa enjoyment

You can use sheet masks in your everyday routine

The Farm To Face Sheet Mask collection is inspired by nature. Every FOREO sheet mask - Acai berry, Manuka honey, Green tea, Coconut oil, or Bulgarian rose - is developed with natural ingredients to replenish skin and maintain a fresh, radiant glow. Also, every mask contains premium natural ingredients sourced from carefully selected destinations around the globe. face masks Like a green smoothie for your skin, each mask is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients for a healthy-looking complexion. Farm To Face sheet masks have been developed for everyday use, during your morning or evening skincare routine. However, depending on your skin’s needs and your personal preferences, you can apply them more or less often.

Just like your body needs a healthy diet, so does your skin

Unlike sheet masks, if you are a fan of DIY face masks, then you can be more creative. You can pick your favorite natural ingredients and enjoy the whole process: from peeling fruit or veggie to enjoying your smooth and healthy skin. If you go out of your way to cook a healthy meal instead of ordering a pizza every evening, then you (and your body) understand why making a little more effort can be totally worth it. Just like your body benefits more from a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, so does your skin. So, feel free to use organic ingredients, and don’t forget to add a teaspoon of Imagination for instant results.

Be creative with your face masks - use Imagination

While you don’t need to completely replace your sheet masks with Imagination, you can keep your skin even healthier by using it whenever your skin needs an extra boost of natural nourishment. And the best part, especially if your lifestyle is very busy, is that making an Imagination DIY mask only takes 3 minutes making it a time-saving product. You need 1 minute to cut up your fresh ingredients, 1 minute to mix them together and 1 minute to apply them to your skin. And voilà! face masks Also, the great thing about Imagination face masks is that you can mix a few different variations of the mask on different areas of your face, depending on what the skin on your nose needs versus your cheeks Both DIY face masks and sheet masks are very useful and good for your skin, and choosing between them depends on everyone’s personal preferences. If you can’t decide what’s better for you, the best thing you can do is to use them both in your skincare routine. Your skin will thank you later...

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Lydia Armand 04/11/2021

Great idea! your information is very helpful. Thanks for sharing this article

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Anne Oakley 25/01/2022

I actually do both types masks, sheet masks from the store, and DIY if I have needed ingredients at home. I am not experimenting with just anything though)) But I will definitely get this Imaginati0n base, its seems like it's going to be great addition to my recipes.

MYSA user avatar
carly 25/01/2022

In reply to by Anne Oakley


Hi Anne! WOW - we love to hear you are taking care of your skin by making your own masks! Imagination seems like a perfect product for you, we are sure you will love it <3


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