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"Dress Code" by Véronique Hyland: How Does Fashion Impacts Our Lives?

Cover of Dress Code book by Veronique Hyland

How does fashion impacts our lives, from the personal to the political and beyond? Find out in the great new Véronique Hyland's book - "Dress Code: Unlocking Fashion from the New Look to Millennial Pink". 

15 powerful essays

In just 15 concise essays, Hyland attempts to contextualize fashion's role in everything from courtroom appearances and Congress to red carpets and Instagram influencers. It's an ambitious undertaking, but one that Hyland is more than qualified to tackle. A veteran journalist, she's been on staff at some of fashion's most respected publications. Currently, she is working as Elle Magazine’s fashion features director. Hyland also has a deep understanding of the industry from both a critical and personal perspective. And it shows in her writing, which is both smart and sharp. [caption id="attachment_12848" align="aligncenter" width="620"] In just 15 concise essays, Hyland attempts to contextualize fashion's role in everything in life.[/caption] "Dress Code" is essential reading for anyone interested in fashion and its place in the world. Hyland has a unique voice that's both knowledgeable and accessible, and she isn't afraid to tackle the big issues. Whether she's discussing the cultural appropriation of Native American dress or the political power of the pussyhat, she always has something interesting to say.

Power of fashion

Veronique Hyland examines thought-provoking questions such as: Why has the “French girl” persisted as our most undying archetype? What does “dressing for yourself” really mean for a woman? How should a female politician dress? Will gender-differentiated fashion go forever out of style? How has social media affected and warped our sense of self-presentation, and how are we styling ourselves expressly for it? Not everyone participates in painting, literature, or film. But there is no “opting out” of fashion. And yet, fashion is still seen as superficial and trivial, and only the finest of couture is considered as art. Hyland argues that fashion is a key that unlocks questions of power, sexuality, and class, taps into history, and sends signals to the world around us. Clothes mean something—even if you’re “just” wearing jeans and a T-shirt. And here's what others say about this interesting book:

There's nothing I love more than books that seriously examine a topic that's generally considered frivolous because of its association with women, and this book is a really great addition to that extremely specific genre.


For someone that has a single fashion bone in her entire body - a tiny one while we're at it - I had way too much fun reading this book. "Dress Code" covers different themes in the fashion world with both a history lens and a provocative writing style, much as a longer editorial in a magazine, which is the author's background.

I've always loved Veronique's voice, and have been a fan of her writing since her days at The Cut. This book is a true culmination of her expertise in the field and provides a much-needed smart take on the world of fashion and style that is almost non-existent today.



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