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6 Gadgets Engineered to Take Your Look into the Next Century

When's the last time your bathroom counter got an upgrade?  We’ve come a long way when it comes to our beauty habits; we’re on board with regular showers, we don’t think arsenic is quite the best way to give our face that glowing complexion, and we’ve found some creative, non-whaling ways to get an hourglass figure. But what does the future of skincare and beauty hold? No one can be quite sure, but below are 6 of the products that we think would make Judy Jetson jealous when it comes to high-tech maintenance of your look!

1. ISSA Oral Care Solution

We’ve already waxed profound about why exactly it’s so important to take care of your teeth from an early age, but we’re not the first; after all, ancient Egyptians were using chew sticks ( literal sticks that were frayed at one end for brushing) as early as 3000 BC. We started using nylon bristles in the 30s, and then after the invention of your standard brush in the 70s, we seemed to hit a bit of a stand still when it came to brushing. That is, until ISSA hit the scene. It paired the improvements over manual brushing (namely, more easily brushing effectively) with the gentleness of sonic pulsations and soft silicone bristle. If having a non-scratchy brush seems weird to you, just check out what other people have to say about ISSA!

2. Temptu Airbrush Makeup System

One of the amazing things about the latest in beauty trends is that, through technological advancements, they are increasingly putting the power of professional-level styling in your hand at home. Airbrush makeup uses a stream of air to turn makeup into a micro-fine mist that lightly coats the skin, to give you a flawless, natural look that can be pretty hard to achieve with traditional makeup sponges. Temptu takes this normally luxurious treat for special occasions and puts it in a package that’s perfect for even novices, thanks to the use of little snap-in pods for foundation, blush, highlighter and bronzer (think of something similar to a coffee machine). Perfect makeup every day? Yes, please!

3. ESPADA Blue Light Acne Treatment

Of course, wearing even a delicate layer of make up on your skin every day can lead to clogged pores and breakouts from time to time. But gone are the days of messy creams and painful popping - ESPADA is the futuristic weapon of choice in the battle against blemishes. Combining powerful blue LED light therapy with T-Sonic pulsations, this at-home device provides professional-level acne care to clear existing pimples and prevent future breakouts. Healthier-looking skin in a 30-second treatment sounds a lot like time travel to us.   Oh, and while ESPADA is reducing redness, inflammation, and regulating sebum levels - aka blackhead fuel -  you don't have to worry about spreading bacteria because of the medical-grade silicone it uses.

4. Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device

Not strictly an exfoliator in the traditional sense, this high tech toy puts a sexy sheen on a fairly simple (if somewhat opaquely-named) practice of dermaplaning.  This is a practice wherein dead skin cells and peachfuzz are removed from your face with a fine blade to keep your skin looking clearer and brighter. While offered at plenty of spas using a very fine blade, you can pick up the appropriate manual razor (that is, not the same as a standard face or leg razor) at your cosmetic counter. But just as someone thought up the electric razor for guys, here is the Dermaflash. After giving your skin a good, thorough cleanse, you can give your face a quick once over with this handy vibrating tool. Just be careful around your eyebrows!

5. IRIS Illuminating ​Eye Massager

Okay, we get it; IRIS probably looks more like something you blow bubbles out of than a piece of beauty tech, but bear with us. Eye-tapping is a skincare practice from Asia that it touted as a way to deal with under eye circles and puffiness that come from the all-too-common issue of spending too much time in front of too bright screens, too late at night. The idea is that it increases circulation under your skin similar to getting a facial. As a bonus, With Alternating T-Sonic technology, the IRIS treats eyes in two ways with two powerful modes: Pure Mode, which replicates manual tapping therapy, and Spa Mode, which mimics a professional eye treatment by combining the tapping sensation with delicate pulsations. And, instead of having to manually move in a circular motion, all you have to do is glide is across the skin!

6. LUNA mini 2 T-Sonic Silicone Face Brush

When FOREO stormed onto the market in 2013 with its signature LUNA facial cleansing brush it was a watershed moment for the beauty industry. Where traditionally skincare devices had featured abrasive nylon brushes, complete with bulky docking stations and trailing charging cables (hey, many still do..!), LUNA offered something completely different: clean curves, medical-grade antibacterial silicone, stylish design… and a whole lot of fun! Since then, the LUNA range has expanded exponentially. Second-generation devices like LUNA mini 2 have seen refinements such as an increased cleansing surface, even softer silicone, and longer bristles for increased effectiveness.   But FOREO’s most futuristic qualities remain unchanged. First is its antibacterial silicone material which strikes a balance between an exceptionally gentle touch, and a durability that’s made to last. Second are those game-changing T-Sonic pulsations - 8,000 of them per minute, to be precise - which shift an impressive 99.5% of oil and dirt.

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