Giving back is beautiful!

Left to Right: Sarah Jade Lacoursiere (FOREO Head of Business Development, Professional Channel, North America), Ashley Eubanks (The Beauty Initiative Founder), Nora DeGregorio (FOREO National Account Manager, US Team Lead), Victoria Connelly (FOREO National Account Manager – Professional Channel Division) on location at the Ritz-Carlton Spa, Fort Lauderdale. 

On Monday, January 28, 2019, FOREO launched its “Buy Back to Give Back” initiative with a donation to The Beauty Initiative Inc. Through this initiative, FOREO buys unsold skincare devices from professional channel retailers such as spas, recycles them, and then matches the buyback in product donation to a local non-profit organization that aligns with its own vision and mission of cultivating self-care for everyone.

FOREO bought 18 unsold non-FOREO products devices from The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then donated 60 FOREO LUNA mini facial cleansing devices to The Beauty Initiative. The Beauty Initiative is a non-profit organization that promotes and provides the true definition of beauty by providing not only emotional tools for success but physical tools such as hygiene and beauty products to the ones in need. The Beauty Initiative‘s interactive workshops teach and promote self-love, self-worth, etiquette, and wellness along with everyday beauty techniques that anyone can enjoy.