It nourishes, moisturizes, and protects your skin, hair, and face. It regulates sebum production and preserves skin from aging. It’s safe and everyone can use this miraculous gift from nature. Meet jojoba oil and its benefits.

What is jojoba oil?

Jojoba is a shrub, originally from Central America and it means “the gold of the Incas”. This plant has been cultivated for its oil, which looks more like wax. The composition of the jojoba oil is similar to that of the sebum produced by the human body, making it an essential ingredient when it comes to the natural beauty and skincare routine. Jojoba oil is rich in fatty acids and is known for protecting the skin and hair.

Jojoba oil benefits 

Natural hair booster

This miraculous ingredient contains important vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamins B, zinc, copper) that nourish your hair. Just like it will nourish and protect your skin, it will do the same with hair, making it an ingredient that moisturizes hair follicles which is why you’ll have a bigger chance to prevent hair loss. Also, it will regulate sebum secretions on your scalp and hair and jojoba oil is one of the most famous natural dandruff remedies. Besides all of that, while using jojoba oil in your everyday hair care routine, you’ll notice strengthened hair that will grow thicker and faster.

jojoba oil benefits

Jojoba oil will restore the skin’s oil balance without clogging pores.

Rich moisturizer 

Jojoba oil has many virtues, especially for dry, very dry, and dehydrated skin. Thanks to its richness in fatty acids, products that contain jojoba oil are great body moisturizers. Namely, after a shower, water can strip away the skin’s natural oils that protect you. That’s why you need a rich and quality moisturizer. Lucky you! Moisturizer with jojoba oil has the advantage of penetrating very easily into the deepest layers of your skin and not leaving a greasy film on the surface. Your skin will stay nourished, hydrated and jojoba oil will prevent skin dehydration.

Jojoba oil and acne

If your skin is prone to acne, this may be a remedy because jojoba oil is non-comedogenic oil with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and it won’t clog your pores. Don’t get tricked when you see that jojoba oil is good for dry skin. If you have oily skin with frequent breakouts, jojoba oil is still good for you because it can balance out your skin’s natural oil production

Sensitive skin remedy

Dealing with eczema or rosacea, or sensitive complexion in general can be frustrating. Jojoba oil will help you with that because it soothes and calms your skin while reducing redness and irritation. Thanks to the vitamin E, and B-complex vitamins, this oil is one of the best ingredients for sensitive skin. 

Anti-aging supplement 

Aging is beautiful, but if your skin starts to age prematurely, it can affect your self-esteem. Luckily, thanks to its moisturizing properties jojoba oil can help slow down aging. Oil is rich in flavonoids that are a great and powerful antioxidant that has anti-aging properties. Your wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced and your skin’s suppleness will be increased while jojoba oil will leave your skin feeling regenerated and firmed.

How to use it? 

Upgrade your hair care routine

There are three ways of using it. You can:

  • Apply jojoba oil directly to your scalp and hair (Before applying it, warm the oil up beforehand and then apply it from the scalp to the hair tips. Leave the oil in for about 20 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.)
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that contains jojoba oil
  • Add a small amount of it (about 5 drops) into your shampoo and/or conditioner

Add it to your makeup removers

Oil-based makeup removers dissolve oil-based makeup and all the impurities. They are easy to use and a great choice if you have sensitive skin or you’re wearing heavy makeup. If you are using some other makeup remover, you can simply add a few drops of jojoba oil to it and enjoy all the benefits the oil gives you: nourishing, protecting, and being gentle to your skin.

Use it instead of lip balm 

Not only do the dry lips don’t look nice, but they also might be very painful. Soften your lips with jojoba oil by massaging a few drops into them. It is a great way of keeping your lips hydrated.

Treat your cuticles 

Since jojoba oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, rub it onto your cuticles to soften the skin around your nails and to keep them healthy.

Enjoy the face masks with jojoba oil

Feed your skin with some rich, moisturizing, and revitalizing face masks that contain jojoba oil. FOREO’s Bulgarian Rose face mask contains jojoba oil, a rich source of skin-replenishing moisture that helps restore oil balance without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. Combined with the moisturizing powers of rose water, this face mask will leave your skin soft, supple, nourished, and smooth

And because jojoba oil is the ingredient that rejuvenates and renews your skin, it is an important part of the FOREO’s Youth Junkie face mask. In Youth Junkie, jojoba oil comes in combination with shea butter and olive oil so you can enjoy a deeply nourishing complex that will give you a youthful plump.

How to pick the right jojoba oil? 

This Incas’ gold is known for its safety and the allergy reactions are very rare. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and has many benefits like moisturizing, nourishing, and being gentle to your skin, face, and hair. Still, if you want to use “pure” jojoba oil, and not the one that is already included in beauty and skincare products, look for the virgin and cold-pressed oil. You will find them in organic and specialty stores.