LUNA mini 3 is taking the world by storm and we’re so excited for our newest beauty-tech baby.

Instead of bragging about it’s incredible performance ourselves, we found a bunch of reviews to do it for us! Check them out! 

Vote Beauty

Ana from Vote Beauty wrote a stellar review of our LUNA mini 3:

Compared to classic face cleansers, the FOREO LUNA mini 3 is a real refresher. You do not have to worry about water ruining the device, you do not have to charge it frequently or change your brush every few months. Plus, it cleans the skin perfectly and it fits into every bag and pocket. After use, clean it with warm water, wipe it off and there are no bacteria build up.

I think that it can be used by all skin types as it contains several pulsation intensities and it is very gentle to the skin. You have my recommendations for this product!

Fashion Snobber

When we found this review we were delighted to see that another Luna wrote it! Not the device (it’s not that smart yet), but a fashion enthusiast with the same name – how cute! Take a look at what Luna said about LUNA mini 3.

FOREO LUNA mini 3 is suitable for anyone who is looking for a non-agressive product that can act deeply and immediately on difficult skin. Personally, I consider it perfect for those with delicate, mixed or oily skin, and even for mature skin.


Christina’s in-depth review features everything on LUNA mini 3—from unpacking, unlocking and cleansing to using the app extras. But what were her final thoughts?

Okay, now I understand why the Foreo Luna is so popular and hyped up.

My skin looked more glowy after cleansing in comparison to using my hand. Overall these devices are well thought out, well built, and they have a great support system behind it.



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Saskia Ciliberto

Jade Tomlinson

Laura Edwards 


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