Talk about wedding belles!

Born and raised in a small hill town in India, Diipa Koshla now spends her time between London and Amsterdam, revealing bits and pieces of her eclectic personal style and her daily life with her ever-growing Instagram following. Not only is Diipa a globally recognized model, creative consultant and speaker but she’s also the bride to be at what she calls her very own ‘big fat Indian wedding’! We chatted with her to find out the details of the lavish event and her wedding skin prep.

So, your big day is coming up soon! Give us a little sneak peek in overall wedding vibe. What’s the one thing you’re most excited about?

Diipa Koshla: The wedding is going to be colourful, warm and very magical. It’s definitely got the destination wedding vibe with friends and family flying down from all over the world to celebrate love in beautiful Udaipur, India.

How would you describe your wedding gown in 3 words?

DK: Timeless, elegant, detailed.

What was your reaction when you first saw yourself wearing it?

DK: I definitely did tear up. I could imagine myself walking up to the man of my dreams in it. Definitely like a fairy tale!

How about the vows – did you prepare your own or are you going the traditional route?

DK:I think instead of the vows we are going to give a speech to each other in the witness of our family and friends. We can express ourselves better that way.

What was the most extravagant idea you wanted to execute for your wedding?

DK: Have a elephant there to bless all our guests upon their arrival!

How will you prep your skin for the big day and what will your makeup look like?

DK: I’ve been prepping my skin for the last few weeks already. But on the wedding day I will use a very moisturising sheet mask with the FOREO UFO and a good 3 step cleansing routine using my FOREO LUNA to really get rid of all the dead skin.  

What did you find most challenging about planning a wedding? Any advice for other bride-to-be?

DK: It’s getting all the parts to work together. There are so many different aspects of a wedding that need to work in [synchronicity] like a orchestra. I would suggest a very good planning application to oversee everything from day 1!


The Fab FOREO Family

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