Find out the answers to all the burning questions about UFO 2.

Innovative beauty-tech can seem confusing at the first glance. However, once you start engaging with it, you’ll soon discover it’s actually designed specifically with you in mind.

UFO 2 is filled with superb features like LED light therapy, T-Sonic pulsations, warming, cooling etc. And we want you to explore these features and reap the benefits of technology that’s dedicated to you. That’s why we’re answering all of your commonly asked questions about this miraculous skin-perfecting device.


What is the difference between UFO and UFO 2?

In short, unlike its predecessor UFO 2 comes with ultra-fast heating and full spectrum LED lights that offer a more efficient and effective skincare experience than ever before.  If you are interested in more details,  we wrote a whole article to help you find out all there is to know about the differences between the two innovative devices.


When do the results appear?

Great news – the results appear in just 90 seconds! Since UFO 2 is the most powerful facial treatment system in the world, it prides itself on delivering superior results in seconds. Our goal was to turn your 20-minute skincare routine to an otherworldly 90-second treatment. Your skin will feel refreshed and look glowy after a single use. To achieve a lasting impact and improve your skin’s health in the long run, use the device regularly. 

How much does it cost?

UFO 2 is priced at $329; however, with a special offer of 21% off for our Mysa readers, the price comes at $259.91.

What is the difference between UFO 2 and UFO mini 2?

Both devices offer a supercharged 2-minute facial treatment that will revolutionize your skincare game. Yet the key difference between them is the cryotherapy which UFO mini 2 doesn’t have. This cooling treatment provides a firmer-looking complexion by shrinking the appearance of pores. Some UFO-activated masks require the cooling feature which means UFO mini 2 isn’t compatible with the entire FOREO smart mask range.

Which masks use cryotherapy?

There are two mask collections available. The first collection is inspired by Korean skincare and there are two masks in the collection that use cryotherapy – Matte Maniac and Shimmer Freak.  The second collection is called “Farm to Face” and it also features two face masks that use the cooling feature – Bulgarian Rose and Green Tea.

Can I use the Farm to Face masks with the UFO 2?

Our second face mask collection is called Farm to Face and is inspired by natural skincare from around the world. Both of our face mask collections are fully compatible with UFO 2. Nonetheless, UFO mini 2 isn’t compatible with the masks that use cryotherapy.

Can you use normal sheet masks and then run the UFO 2 with cryotherapy, thermotherapy and LED lights over it?

Our UFO-activated masks have been developed by experts specifically for the UFO smart masking devices. This means that by using them, you are taking full advantage of all the benefits of the miraculous device and hence, getting superior results. That being said, I admit I use my UFO 2 with other face masks as well.

How can I change the LED light therapy when using the UFO 2?

You can personalize your facial treatments by creating your own routines via the FOREO For You app. On the app, you are able to choose your preferred LED light and T-Sonic pulsation level, and select whether you wish your personalized routine to include Thermo-Therapy or Cryo-Therapy.

How do you apply other skincare? After or before? 

The most important thing to remember when layering your skincare is to cleanse first and moisturize last to seal everything in. If you use a toner, use it after cleansing and then treat your face to a facial session. If you use serums or eye creams, use them after your facials. And above all, after your morning routine, please remember to put on sunscreen!

Are there any active ingredients that don’t get along with UFO 2?

No. If you’re experimenting with your skincare routine and experiencing breakouts, it’s possible that your skin isn’t getting along with some of the active ingredients. Seek out the advice of your dermatologist to find out more.

What benefits does the device provide?

UFO 2 is based on hyper-infusion technology. That means it uses heating therapy to open up pores and infuse skincare ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin. Cooling therapy shrinks the appearance of pores and provides a firmer-looking complexion. T-Sonic pulsations deliver a soothing facial massage and boost radiance. Full-spectrum LED light therapy helps your skin reap the benefits of 8 different light wavelengths. The FOREO For You App helps you use and control the device & create personalized supercharged facial routines. 

How does the LED therapy work in such a short amount of time?

Different LED colors mean different wavelengths. How deep the lights penetrate your skin depends on those wavelengths. Each LED light has been scientifically proven to prettify us in different ways. Find out more about the benefits of each light here.

Is there any proven scientific research behind UFO 2?

There’s a clinical study conducted by SGS Laboratories that focused on the overall efficiency and skin improvement of UFO Activated Masks with UFO devices versus the UFO Activated Masks alone. The study was conducted over a 28-day period and it involved 24 female subjects aged 18 to 35. In conclusion, the study found that the device indeed improved skin’s overall appearance. It was more effective than the sheet masks alone and it delivered immediate and long-lasting moisture. Additionally, the device proved to be a great anti-aging tool by significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles in just 7 days.

Can I use it for cooling myself on a hot summer night with cryotherapy?

The better question would be – why not? Open up your FOREO For You App and go all out!

Is it good for acne?

Thanks to the LED light therapy, the device can help fight acne and breakouts and calm stressed-out skin. The Blue LED light destroys P. acnes bacteria, stabilizes overactive oil production and mitigates inflamed acne. The Cyan LED light is anti-inflammatory, it calms stressed-out skin and promotes healing while the purple LED light helps eliminate toxins and accelerates healing.

How often should I use the UFO?

You can use it as often as you like. Some people do facials every single day in their morning and evening routines, while others opt for the nourishing treatment a few times a week. It’s best to start slow (once or twice a week) and work your way up so you don’t shock or overwhelm your skin. This goes for other skincare products as well, especially if you’re a skincare novice that’s still trying to establish a good routine. Then you really have to keep one thing in mind – slow and steady wins the race!

Will you have new colors at some point?

It’s hard to know what the future will bring, but for now you have Pearl Pink, Fuchsia and Mint to choose from!

Hopefully, we answered most of your burning questions about this new high-tech device. In case you have any more inquiries, feel free to contact our customer care. They’ll be more than happy to help and answer any questions!