Don’t even bother with those other nylon-bristle brands.

Did you know that your nylon facial brush is a lot like a toilet brush? This is shocking, so prepare yourself. The very thing you use to clean your face actually harbors nasty bacteria. Cleaning your skin with something that’s already dirty is a waste of time and money, so instead meet the ultra-hygienic LUNA™ mini 2 facial-cleansing brush. Watch this video to see why you should  stop scrubbing your face like it’s a toilet bowl.



This skin care superhero is made of medical-grade silicone that is crazy clean—35x more hygienic than your average nylon bristle brush! Unlike harsh brushes that abrasively scrub and irritate skin, the LUNA mini 2 uses extremely gentle T-SonicTM pulsations to lift away 98.5% of dirt, oil, and grime.


The LUNA mini 2 has 8 different intensities for a truly customizable cleanse. The brush is made for all skin types and has 3-zones with touch-points that are tailored for different areas on your face. The front is for normal to sensitive skin, the top bristles are for hard-to-reach areas, and the back has thicker, broader bristles for oily skin.


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It’s 100% waterproof (perfect for keeping handy in the shower) and you only have to charge it once every 5 months. But there’s one big reason that you’ll love it so much: You never need to buy replacement brush-heads. So save money and say hello to gorgeous, clear skin with the LUNA mini 2.