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What Is Face Icing and Should You Try It?

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Beauty trends come and go, and the ones that return are here for a reason. One such trend recently resurfaced all over social media platforms like TikTok is face icing- with over 20 million views and 2000 uploaded videos. It is a basic practice of exposing your facial skin to extremely cold temperatures for a brief period, usually with ice or a beauty tool that cools. The goal is to depuff the face, improve blood circulation, minimize pores, and soothe irritation. Let's discover this refreshing trend with tips on how to incorporate facial icing into your skincare routine.  

How Does Face Icing Work?

Face icing is a process of applying ice, a cool rolling tool, or a device with cryotherapy in circular motions to your face. It's grown in popularity as a part of a daily skincare routine for its ability to rejuvenate the skin, shrink pores, reduce puffiness, minimize redness, and improve circulation. Since the cold temperatures constrict blood vessels, they reduce inflammation and pore size and provide a tightening effect on the skin.  

Benefits of Face Icing

Reduces Puffiness

Applying ice or something cold to your face constricts blood vessels, which decreases swelling and puffiness, especially around the eyes and cheeks. It's a perfect morning de-puffing treatment. You can achieve the same effect by using eye patches that have been kept in the fridge. 


We recommend IRIS™ Hydrating Hydrogel Eye Mask as a refreshing solution for tired eyes. Made with 96% natural ingredients, these soothing patches instantly relieve tiredness and stress while hydrating deeply to combat dryness. When cooled, they will also help with puffiness around the eyes.A closeup of a hand pulling out FOREO IRIS™ Hydrating Hydrogel Eye Mask patch from a blue container

Soothes Irritation and Skin Damage

If you have irritated or inflamed skin, ice can provide relief by numbing the area and reducing redness and the risk of swelling and tissue damage. It works like an anesthetic by soothing the irritation and numbing the treated area.

Improves Circulation

Essentially, ice stimulates blood flow to the skin's surface. This boost in circulation can give your complexion a healthier glow, making it look brighter and more refreshed. 

Minimizes Pores

In the same way that hot steam is used to open pores, cold temperatures help to tighten the skin and temporarily shrink the appearance of pores.

Enhances Product Absorption

When you put ice on your face before applying skincare products, it actually helps those products sink deeper into your skin. Since ice temporarily closes the pores, that can help lock in the ingredients from your topicals. This means they can do their job better and give you more noticeable results. 

Firms Fine Lines

Cold therapy temporarily firms skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. However, complement the treatment with a proper anti-aging routine for a more well-rounded approach.  

How to Do Facial Icing at Home?

There are various ways, from DIY methods to specialized skincare tools and devices. The most popular option is to use ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth or plastic bag. Using a layer of protection between your skin and the ice should prevent the ice from damaging your skin's barrier with direct contact. Then, simply glide the ice cubes in circular motions gently across your face, focusing on areas prone to puffiness or inflammation. 


Another option is to use a specialized tool that uses cryotherapy (extremely low temperatures) to work anti-inflammatory, shrink the pores, and lift and firm the skin. Enters FOREO UFO™ 3.   

Cryo-therapy With UFO™ 3

UFO™ 3 is a deep facial hydration device that uses four technologies to deeply hydrate the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Warming thermo-therapy temporarily dilates the pores to help the active ingredients from your mask absorb deep into the skin, where they work best - for optimal hydration and results. 


Cooling cryo-therapy firms and relieves the skin, minimizing the look of visible wrinkles and puffiness. Refining LED therapy offers the full spectrum of wavelengths to revitalize the complexion in just minutes. 


Gentle T-Sonic™ Massage relaxes facial muscle tension points and boosts circulation - leaving skin refreshed, with a visibly healthy glow. To use its cryo-therapy feature, simply switch to the cooling cryo-therapy mode and glide the device gently across your face for an instant refresh.

Get UFO™ 3

FOREO UFO™ 3 on a a tableFace icing is a hot (pun intended) trend that is really easy to incorporate into your skincare routine. Whether you choose to use traditional methods like ice cubes or opt for innovative devices like UFO™ 3, the benefits are undeniable. From tightening pores and reducing inflammation to improving circulation, the cold temperature helps to leave you with smoother skin. Plus, it's a great way to de-stress and pamper yourself after a long day or a cool way to start your day. 


So, why not give face icing a try and see the difference it can make for your skin? The results will leave you feeling cool, refreshed, and glowing.



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Vesna 10/04/2024

Interesting, thanks for sharing! I never thought to keep my iris eye patches in the fridge, thanks for the tip!

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dora 10/04/2024

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Hi Vesna, thank you so much for your support! :) <3

There will be more tips, keep reading!


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