Imagine having all of these fancy beauty gadgets and nowhere to put them when you’re on the go. Luckily, that’s a thing of the past. Meet the most stylish toiletry bag you’ll ever need. Created in partnership with Bon Voy, this limited-edition toiletry bag is the epitome of sleek, Swedish minimalism and functionality.

Mess-free toiletry bag

Made of premium, 100% vegan materials and to house your favorite FOREO devices – LUNA 3, BEAR, and UFO 2. Thanks to its unique organizing compartments, there’s ample space to separate your beauty-tech devices from your daily essentials. Plus, the inner bag is detachable and washable, making it completely mess-free. Perfect for a beauty enthusiast who’s practical at heart.

It wasn’t hard to create something elegant, and yet practical like this unique toiletry bag. Namely, Bon Voy is one of those brands whose claim –  YOUR TRUSTY COMPANION, AT HOME AND AWAY – is applicable to FOREO products as well. Bon Voy is a Swedish brand founded by two sisters with an interest in beauty and traveling. They designed exclusive toiletry bags with detachable and washable linings for everyone tired of messy toiletry bags that are hard to clean.

The only toiletry bag you need 

Thanks to this toiletry bag you finally can say bye-bye to unpractical bags. This one is perfectly designed to fit all of your creams, serums, gels, patches, and masks. But, what makes it special are special compartments where your LUNA 3, BEAR, and UFO 2 will perfectly fit. This is the only toiletry bag you’ll ever need!


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