Question: How do you inject almost 700 years of skincare expertise into a pocket-sized facial brush, barely two inches in diameter, and just months old?

That’s exactly what FOREO has done with its most advanced device to date: the world’s first two-in-one cleanser and skin analyzer, LUNA fofo.

LUNA fofo: More Than Just a Facial Brush

Years in development, FOREO Institute’s talented team of developers and engineers have combined the familiar features that make LUNA the world’s best-loved facial brush, with advanced sensor technology. The result is LUNA fofo: made from signature medical-grade silicone, with a graduated two-zone brush channeling powerful T-sonic pulsations, on the surface it holds few surprises.

Flip it over, though, and fofo’s revolutionary distinction becomes clear: dual sensors in body-safe gold, designed to analyze skin across four distinct facial zones, measuring hydration levels at a rate of 1,000 units per second.

A specially designed FOREO For You app guides users through how to measure skin, with results delivered direct to their smartphone screen. Based on this near instantaneous analysis, the app then delivers a customized cleansing routine direct to LUNA fofo.

LUNA fofo sensors

Constantly Evolving Skincare

The real challenge was this: how to ensure optimized cleansing for every skin type – not just now, but for the future.

LUNA fofo achieves precisely this by way of a sophisticated algorithm that actually advances the more data it receives. In other words, the more people using LUNA fofo, the more it perfects its tailored cleansing routines to deliver maximized benefits to all users. Quite simply, this is machine-learning at its most beautiful!

Looking ahead, this is just the tip of the iceberg of LUNA fofo’s self-learning. FOREO founder Filip Sedic outlines the potential for this game-changing device:

Future products will detect air quality and user’s skin condition in real time. Based on this data, the device could come up with a mode of treatment that is most suitable at that very moment. To look further ahead still, the device will soon be able to analyze the statistics of previous treatments and monitor skin’s condition to determine what kind of treatment, products or tools are most effective for the days and weeks ahead. It will be totally personalized – the device becomes your own smart skincare helper.”

LUNA fofo

Finding Our Beautiful Critical Mass

In order to kickstart LUNA fofo’s ability to not just identify skin types, but also create remedial or complementary cleansing routines, the FOREO Institute tested the device on 500 individuals. An initial quiz asked users about everything from their daily water intake to age, while those advanced sensors analyzed and recorded the skin types of each and every anonymous volunteer. That process provided a solid foundation for fofo’s understanding, but we needed more – and fast!

FOREO therefore teamed up leading subscription box service, FabFitFun. With over one million savvy subscribers across the US, the partnership was a real win-win for FOREO – as well as for all those lucky product connoisseurs who were about to try out LUNA fofo for themselves! Not only did we receive invaluable feedback on the device itself, the cooperation also helped us rack up the anonymous skin data of hundreds of thousands of individuals across North America.

Let’s put that into perspective: assuming a US average of 260 work days each year, and a busy beautician or cosmetologist conducting, say, five skin consultations daily, that means an annual total of 1,300 appointments. FOREO teamed up with FabFitFun to disperse some 900,000 LUNA fofos, with individuals’ skinfo arriving soon after. In other words, LUNA fofo acquired the equivalent of almost 700 years experience in a matter of weeks!

Kamila Bravo with her LUNA fofo

Kamila Bravo with her LUNA fofo. Credit: Kamila Bravo, Instagram.

Keep on Learning

Fast-forward to now, and LUNA fofo’s boosted machine-learning is already reaping results. Not only is the device significantly more precise in its readings than it was just months ago, its tailormade routines draw on an ever-expanding database founded on both skin commonalities, as well as differences. After all, every single one of us is beautifully unique. Isn’t it time our approach to skincare recognized that just like everything else in life, when it comes to cleansing one size most certainly doesn’t fit all!

Having set the FabFitFun community abuzz, LUNA fofo is now poised to further broaden its horizons with its global launch, slated for September 4, 2018. Celebrate the skin you’re in: join LUNA fofo’s skincare revolution, and be sure to download the FOREO For You app.

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