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The 1-Minute Cleansing Device That Finally Made Me Care About My Skin

My skincare routine used to be ‘splash water on my face and go’, but the LUNA™ mini 2 is exactly the 1-minute step to add before the ‘go’ part. Being that I’m a writer for MYSA, you might assume that I’ve always been a huge fan of all things beauty, from DIY hacks to the latest and funkiest gadgets. Actually, I came pretty late to the skincare game; after I said goodbye to my pimple-plagued teenage years I assumed I didn’t have to take any special care of my skin, and was pretty happy about it. And then there was the LUNA™ mini 2. It was the first product I used (save for a few girls’ night sheet masks) that I thought actually made a difference, and got me both into the fabulous skin I currently have, and a gig working with a leading beauty brand like FOREO. Here’s a breakdown of what using LUNA™ mini 2 for the first time was like for me, and I hope it similarly inspires you to switch up your skincare routine!

What is LUNA™ mini 2?

LUNA™ mini 2 is a palm-sized, moon shaped brush (luna= moon in Spanish) that uses a ‘T-Sonic™ Technology’ system to bring 8000 pulsations of cleaning power to your face. The thinking behind using pulsations―and the little nubs on the front and back―to wash your face are these:
  • It’s going to get in there way better than washing your face with your hands ever could
  • Unlike other exfoliating washes, it won't put little plastic beads into the water system
  • It is made out of super-soft silicone to make sure that no matter how thorough a clean, it’s still gentle
Oh yea, so the silicone: it’s soft enough to make sure that it stays in your hand rather than slipping around (especially when you’re running late and using it in the shower as I am wont to do) but it’s also really easy to keep clean.

Think about all the bacteria hanging out in your bathroom, leeching onto wash cloths, toothbrushes, nylon bristle face brushes… and then you put it in your mouth or on your face...ew.

When it comes to silicone as the sanitary option, I was sold pretty instantly.

What Comes with a LUNA™ mini 2?

LUNA™ mini 2 comes in a clear plastic case with instructions on the back. I liked how I could get a good look at it before unboxing it, and that it was so minimalistic. If you were so inclined, you could potentially use it as a carry case for LUNA™ mini 2 if you wrapped a hair elastic around it. #beautyhacks. It also comes with your charging cord, which is plugs into outlet charger blocks or your computer like any other USB.

Using LUNA™ mini 2

Using the LUNA™ is like when we all found out we were using bobby pins the wrong way; you’ll never go back.
It basically teaches you the most efficient and effective way to cleanse your skin: you turn it on and pick which of the 8 intensities you want to use, then let it do a double-buzz ever 15 seconds to let you know when to switch from your left cheek, right cheek, nose, and forehead. And, you can switch up the intensity of the scrub even further by switching up which size of touchpoint you’re using, which is perfect if you get clogged pores on your nose but want something more gentle for, say, your cheeks.

Why LUNA™ mini 2 Comes Everywhere with Me

Did you see how short the ‘how to use’ portion of this is? If you’re like me and sleep until 5 minutes before you have to be out the door, LUNA™ mini 2 gets that; it's truly the best product for people who tend to be a bit lazy about their skin care, or just have a lot going on.
It fits in your makeup bag, your purse for nights when it needs to double as an overnight bag, or your gym bag, and is sturdy enough to handle a fair bit of abuse. (I may have dropped it…a few times.)
LUNA™ mini 2 is fast and easy to use, and I always feel like my skin is softer immediately after using. Plus, I went a whole 2 months before I thought about charging it. (LUNA™ mini 2’s charge should last you about 5 months of use, which basically means never needing to worry about it). All in all, using the LUNA™ mini 2 was truly the beginning of a beautiful friendship!



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