UFO 2 is the most powerful power mask available… When you read this sentence, you might think that it’s overpromising. Keep reading this article to find out why this sentence is nothing but the truth and why FOREO’s UFO 2 should be your replacement for salon facials that are often too pricey.

UFO 2 is a whole new way to mask

UFO 2 is designed to reinvent the mask market. It features full-spectrum LED light, Thermo-Therapy, Cryo-Therapy & T-Sonic pulsations. With all that, UFO 2 provides more technologies in one device than any of our competitors. And as a result, offers the most powerful skincare available.

Most personalized facial you can imagine

Not only that. UFO 2 offers the most personalized masking treatment on the market… Although UFO 2 features pre-programmed routines for each FOREO Sheet Mask and UFO Power Activated Mask, users also have the option to create their own routines. That means that you can create your very own facial by selecting and adjusting your technology preferences on the UFO 2 via the app. UFO 2 is created so you can have a perfectly personalized power mask routine.

UFO 2 is your time-saver

You don’t have time for beauty treatment in crowded salons? No worries. All you need is UFO 2. Namely, masking with UFO 2 is the most convenient option around. What does that mean? It means that UFO is faster than every other power mask device on the market. It’s also packaged in a travel-friendly, reusable design. It’s simple – UFO 2 is the most time-effective and cost-effective masking option around.

Enjoy in sooo many facial treatments

You can pair your UFO 2 with one of FOREO’s face masks. They are divided into three collections – Advanced Collection, Farm to Face Collection, and Daily Duo. In those three collections, you will find 12 different face masks/treatments. Masks with manuka honey, green tea, coconut oil, caffeine, olive oil, charcoal, acai berry, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other top ingredients will definitely show how beneficial for your skin they are.

And great thing is that you will find treatment for every skin condition you need. Even greatest thing is that you will finally be able to enjoy those facial treatments in the comfort of your home.

Isn’t it better to have 12 different facials in one device than to go to a salon for every single one of them?

Get your UFO now!