LUNA play plus Pearl Pink LUNA play plus Pearl Pink LUNA play plus Pearl Pink
LUNA play plus Pearl Pink LUNA play plus Pearl Pink LUNA play plus Pearl Pink

LUNA play plus

Get More From A Face Cleanser And Spa-like Massage

LUNA play plus takes everything you love about the tiny but mighty LUNA play and adds that little extra plus you need for a perfect complexion. It has a larger brush head for distributing T-Sonic™ cleansing power, plus it uses a replaceable AAA battery so you can enjoy your LUNA for much longer!

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$ 49
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LUNA mini 2

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Sorry, LUNA play plus has been phased out and is no longer available. We hope an extra 10% off our best-selling LUNA mini 2 will help ease the pain.
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LUNA mini 2


When you want facial cleansing and massaging that complements both your skin and your busy lifestyle, look no further than the cute and compact LUNA play plus! It fits in your purse, backpack or gym bag and uses AAA batteries for a 1 – minute cleansing routine you can indulge in any time!


More gentle than any other deep cleansing brush, T-Sonic™ pulsations are diffused through soft silicone touchpoints to gently unclog your pores to remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, plus dead skin cells and makeup residue. Using LUNA play plus twice a day wherever and whenever will leave your skin soft, smooth, and absolutely glowing!


LUNA play plus may be small, but it comes equipped with a broad 2-zone facial brush to suit every skin type. Its finer touchpoints to cleanse sensitive/normal skin on larger areas like the cheeks and forehead, while thicker touch points provide a deep and precise cleansing on areas like the T-zone.

T-Sonic™ Pulsations


• Channels 8,000 T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations every minute
• Allows effective deep cleansing and massaging that remains gentle on your skin

Smart Silicone Design


• Rounded silicone touchpoints gentle enough for daily use
• Made of quick-drying, nonporous silicone that resists bacteria buildup
• Up to 35X more hygienic than standard bristled cleansing brushes

Design Features

Designed Around Your Life

• Fully waterproof
• Travel-friendly size


LUNA play plus comes in 7 vibrant colors for a skincare device that’s as bright and vivacious as you are.


1. Apply Cleanser

Apply your regular cleanser. Wet LUNA play plus and turn on the device.

2. Cleanse

Gently move LUNA play plus massaging surface in circular motions around your face for 1 minute.

3. Rinse

Rinse and dry your face. Apply your other skincare products, if any.

LUNA play

Size of a cotton pad for the ultimate on-the-go cleansing. Easily cleanses hard-to-reach areas.
Non-rechargeable with up to 100 uses.

Size: 50 x 45 mm
Effective cleansing
100 uses

LUNA play plus

Brush head cleanses a larger surface area. Longer, softer bristles for a gentle but effective cleansing.
Replaceable AAA battery provides up to 400 uses.

Size: 64 x 60 mm
Effective cleansing
400 uses
Replaceable battery


"This device and cleanser both worked great for me. My skin was extremly smooth and clean afterwords. And it felt very soft!"


marjanne: "Our skin is not always going to be in its best condition so cleansers like this thelp us an extra mile. It’s worth it. My skin is loving it!"

labmuffin: "I’m really enjoying the Foreo Luna Play Plus, and it’s probably the cleansing tool that fits best into my lazy-but-ambitious routine."

mystyle5: "This little brush was very gentle on my skin, and never irritated it - so I ended up using it every other day."


LUNA play plus