Celebrating all colors of love

Love is as diverse as the hearts that express it. Love deeply. Love freely. Love equally.

And they lived happily ever after...

Love is a powerful force. As such, it has always inspired stories, fairy tales, movies, and plays. But the love stories we’re told portray the one and the same “happily ever after”.

If the shoe doesn't fit…

Find the happily ever after that speaks to you. Be genuine. Be loved for who you really are.

Love. It comes in all colors.

Real-life love isn’t black and white.
It comes in all colors, tones, and hues.
There are as many “happily ever afters” as there are colors in a spectrum and they all deserve to be shown and celebrated.

Love doesn't care for thy name

Nor anything superficial. Celebrate it without prejudice
and challenge the traditional norms.
Because love knows no boundaries.

More than one way to love

Meet the amazing individuals who have shown us that there is more than one way to love with their unique stories

For me in love lies everything. It‘s the force that keeps us going…


Love is the joy of living the best you can


Love is in spreading colors around you


Self love is the best love


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What’s your color of love?




Your love is intense, romantic, and passionate.



Your love is stable, committed, and based on friendship.



Your love is solid, down-to-earth, and logical.



Your love is playful, adventurous, and volatile.

Unique gift in the color of your love

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