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Winter is Here: Save Your Skin with LUNA mini 2

Is winter wreaking havoc on your skin?

Chunky knits, mulled wine… Christmas: winter certainly has a lot going for it. But plunging temperatures can do some crazy things to your skin - most definitely not a good look for all those festive get-togethers the season brings! Read on to discover how savvy skin-saver, LUNA mini 2 an winter-proof your skin for a healthy glow to see you into the New Year, and beyond!

Dry Ice

Here’s the thing: nothing dries out skin like cold weather. What’s more, moving between the dry, warm air of a centrally heated office or home, to the whipping wind and altogether harsher temperatures outside disrupts skin’s delicate balance, resulting in breakouts and - you guessed it - dry patches. And although we’re all too aware that a healthy diet is key to a glowing complexion, somehow a leafy green salad just doesn’t cut it come wintertime!
We know what you’re thinking - that hibernation seems like a sensible option right now - but help is here thanks to LUNA mini 2, a game-changing facial cleansing device from FOREO!
Fundamentally different from traditional face brushes, whose nylon bristles tend to be too abrasive on dried-out or sensitive skin, it’s made of super-soft medical-grade silicone. Not only does that make it a gentler alternative, it’s also hygienic, thanks to the material’s inherent anti-bacterial qualities. Unlike other face brushes out there, LUNA mini 2 doesn’t oscillate or rotate; rather it uses T-Sonic technology to deliver an impressive 8,000 pulsations per minute. That helps boost skin’s microcirculation, as well as exfoliate away dead cells. The result? A natural winter glow no matter how cold the weather!   Between the wind, central heating, and moisture-sapping effects of much-needed scalding-hot showers, winter skin tends to be seriously thirsty. LUNA mini 2 has been proven to increase absorbency and efficacy of lotions and potions, making your go-to moisturizer all the more effective when you need it most.

Ring in Any Occasion

Winter is of course also the season of Christmas and New Year's parties! Complement your party dress with dramatic makeup, safe in the knowledge that the tiny but mighty LUNA mini 2 removes 99.5% of dirt and oil, including makeup residue. The hottest beauty device for the coldest of seasons, LUNA mini 2 is a great step towards winter-proofing your skin - not to mention a great gift for the holidays. It’s a smart gadget to see you into spring, summer and beyond, and an investment in the one beauty look that’s guaranteed to never go out of fashion: gorgeous, glowing, healthy-looking skin!



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