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LUNA U.S. Patent Number D870,306
LUNA mini U.S. Patent Number D870,307
LUNA & LUNA mini U.S. Patent Number D698,455
LUNA & LUNA mini U.S. Patent Number D716,961
LUNA & LUNA mini U.S. Patent Number D734,481
LUNA & LUNA mini U.S. Patent Number D769,455
LUNA & LUNA mini U.S. Patent Number D783,173
LUNA, LUNA mini,
LUNA 2, LUNA mini 2
U.S. Patent Number 10,028,884
LUNA, LUNA mini,
LUNA 2, LUNA mini 2
U.S. Patent Number 10,213,064
LUNA, LUNA mini,
LUNA 2, LUNA mini 2
U.S. Patent Number 9,889,065
LUNA, LUNA mini,
LUNA 2, LUNA mini 2
U.S. Patent Number 9,907,439
LUNA 2, LUNA mini 2,
U.S. Patent Number 10,349,788
LUNA mini 3 U.S. Patent Number D882,810
LUNA 3 plus U.S. Patent Number D882,104
LUNA go U.S. Patent Number D773,064
LUNA play plus U.S. Patent Number D837,944
LUNA fofo U.S. Patent Number D845,630
LUNA fofo U.S. Patent Number D862,891
LUNA 2 for MEN U.S. Patent Number D857,221
ISSA U.S. Patent Number 9,578,956
ISSA U.S. Patent Number D771,952
ISSA U.S. Patent Number D774,772
ISSA U.S. Patent Number D774,773
ISSA U.S. Patent Number D775,836
ISSA U.S. Patent Number D795,590
ISSA U.S. Patent Number D817,001
ISSA U.S. Patent Number 10,166,092
ISSA U.S. Patent Number D845,632
ISSA & ISSA 2 U.S. Patent Number 10,568,725
ISSA mikro U.S. Patent Number D776,438
ISSA mikro U.S. Patent Number D811,094
ISSA mikro U.S. Patent Number D884,357
ISSA play U.S. Patent Number D817,000
ISSA play U.S. Patent Number D840,690
ISSA play U.S. Patent Number D850,113
Tongue Cleaner U.S. Patent Number D774,308
Tongue Cleaner U.S. Patent Number D777,444
Tongue Cleaner U.S. Patent Number D777,445
Tongue Cleaner U.S. Patent Number D778,058
Tongue Cleaner U.S. Patent Number D778,059
Mr. M U.S. Patent Number D857,419
Mr. M U.S. Patent Number D878,087
IRIS U.S. Patent Number D765,870
IRIS U.S. Patent Number D799,711
IRIS U.S. Patent Number D806,258
ESPADA U.S. Patent Number D760,912
UFO U.S. Patent Number D845,631
UFO U.S. Patent Number 10,307,330
UFO U.S. Patent Number D850,111
UFO U.S. Patent Number D882,268
UFO mini U.S. Patent Number D870,909



Product Region Type Patent No.
LUNA Series Basic Utility Patents US Utility Patent 9,907,439
US Utility Patent 10,213,064
US Utility Patent 9,889,065
US Utility Patent 10,028,884
US Utility Patent 10,349,788
AU Utility Patent 2014204242
AU Utility Patent 2017100130
LUNA 1 and LUNA mini 1 Basic Design CN Design 201330013435.6
CN Design 201330013432.2
CN Design 201430067650.9
EU Design 002211086-0002
EU Design 002211086-0001
US Design D698,455
US Design D716,961
US Design D734,481
US Design D769,455
US Design D782,689
US Design D783,173
US Design D783,174
US Design D870,306
US Design D870,307
LUNA Series improved Utility Patents CN Utility Mode 201320801246.X
CN Utility Mode 201721750149.7
LUNA go Design CN Design 201530389005.3
CN Design 201630506018.9
EU Design 002816702-0001
EU Design 003423060-0002
US Design D773,064
KR Design 30-0873414-0001
KR Design 30-0873414-0002
AU Design 201611913
AU Design 201611914
RU Design 104174
LUNA 2 Design CN Design 201630507484.9
EU Design 003423060-0001
US Design D857,221
LUNA play Series Design CN Design 201730065142.0
EU Design 003789668-0001
EU Design 003789668-0002
EU Design 003789668-0003
US Design D837,994
US Design D852,972
LUNA FOFO Utility Patent CN Utility Mode 201821683194.X
LUNA FOFO Design US Design D845,630
US Design D862,891
LUNA 3 plus Design CN Design 201930143794.0
CN Design 201930143796.X
US Design D882,104
EU Design 006593588-0001
EU Design 006593588-0002
EU Design 006593588-0003
EU Design 006593588-0004
EU Design 006593588-0005
EU Design 006593588-0006
EU Design 006593588-0007
EU Design 006593588-0008
EU Design 006593588-0009
EU Design 006593588-0010
EU Design 006593588-0011
EU Design 006593588-0012
BR Design 3020190033895
LUNA mini 3 Design US Design D882,810
EU Design 006634945-0001
EU Design 006634945-0002
EU Design 006634945-0003
EU Design 006634945-0004
AU Design 201914167
AU Design 201914168
AU Design 201914176
ISSA Basic Utility Patent CN Invention 201480068758.7
US Utility Patent 9,578,956
US Utility Patent 10,568,725
CA Utility Patent 2931351
AU Utility Patent 2014369345
JP Utility Patent 6560225
ISSA Improved Utility Patent US Utility Patent 10,166,092
CN Utility Mode 201520779105.1
ISSA Basic Design CN Design 201330633381.3
EU Design 002372334-0001
US Design D771,952
US Design D795,590
US Design D817,001
US Design D845,632
KR Design 30-0789284
JP Design 1517214
AU Design 356031
CA Design 156861
ISSA HEAD Design CN Design 201530088032.7
EU Design 002709824-0001
ISSA Hybrid Head Design CN Design 201530217694.X
EU Design 002726828-0001
US Design D775,836
US Design D774,772
US Design D774,773
KR Design 30-0849737
JP Design 1551093
ISSA Tongue Cleaner Design CN Design 201530287898.0
CN Design 201530287899.5
EU Design 002748509-0001
EU Design 002748509-0002
US Design D774,308
US Design D777,444
US Design D778,058
US Design D777,445
US Design D778,059
KR Design 30-0871452
JP Design 1559118
AU Design 367138
RU Design 102402
ISSA mikro Design CN Design 201530388938.0
EU Design 002816348-0001
US Design D776,438
US Design D811,094
ISSA play Design CN Design 201730064200.8
EU Design 003789049-0001
US Design D817,000
US Design D840,690
US Design D850,113
ISSA Toothbrush Holder CN Design 201730081568.5
CN Design 201730081567.0
EU Design 003810076-0001
EU Design 003810076-0002
US Design D857,419
US Design D878,087
ESPADA Utility Patent CN Invention 201510624612.2
ESPADA Design CN Design 201530216676.X
EU Design 002726786-0001
US Design D760,912
AU Design 366574
KR Design 30-0888081-0002 
KR Design 30-0888081-0001
JP Design 1554390
JP Design 1554155
RU Design 102431
IRIS Design CN Design 201530173017.2
EU Design 002710582-0001
US Design D765,870
US Design D806,258
US Design D799,711 
KR Design 30-0870692
JP Design 1549426
UFO Basic Utility Patent CN Utility Mode 201821884287.9
CN Utility Mode 201821884288.3
CN Utility Mode 201821883781.3
CN Utility Mode 201821883772.4
CN Utility Mode 201821883771.X
CN Utility Mode 201821884286.4
CN Utility Mode 201821884309.1
US Utility Patent 10,307,330
AU Utility Patent 2018367882
TW Utility Mode M575333
UFO Design CN Design 201730566138.2
EU Design 004508703-0001
EU Design 004508703-0002
US Design D845,631
US Design D850,111
US Design D882,268
KR Design 30-0996031-0001
KR Design 30-0996031-0002
JP Design 1621127
HK Design 1800641.9M001
HK Design 1800641.9M002
TW Design D199937
TW Design D201927
AU Design 201812729
CA Design 180791
BR Design 3020180020669
UK Design 6034126
UK Design 6034127
UFO mini Design CN Design 201830499894.2
US Design D870,909
PEACH Design CN Design 201930249253.6
EU Design 006644860-0001
BEAR Design CN Design 201930497454.8
EU Design 006849915-0001
BEAR mini Design CN Design 201930497456.7
EU Design 006849915-0002