ISSA™ mikro


Can I use the ISSA™ mikro during bath time?
The ISSA™ mikro is completely waterproof and the charging port is fully sealed, making it safe to use in the bath.
What do I do if the silicone splits during use or the toothbrush breaks?

The ISSA™ mikro is made from vulcanized medical grade silicone for durability and safety. It has undergone all necessary testing to ensure the material is safe for use in the body. However, if you notice the ISSA™ mikro is damaged and suspect your child has swallowed any part of the ISSA™ mikro, we recommend you contact your health care provider.

What is the life-span of the ISSA™ mikro?

The ISSA™ mikro is covered by a 2-year manufacturing warranty. Should the ISSA™ mikro stop working during this period, FOREO will replace the item free of charge - consult this manual’s warranty terms and conditions section to get detailed information. If device is not utilized as it's intended, the ISSA™ mikro could show abnormal deterioration.

Can my child use the ISSA™ mikro if they have mouth ulcers, tooth decay, gum disease or any other oral conditions?

We suggest that if your child suffers from a serious oral condition, consult your dental-care professional before using the ISSA™ mikro.

When should use of the ISSA™ mikro be stopped?

If you notice imperfections on the silicone, discontinue use. Silicone is highly durable, but degrades under certain conditions – consult this manual’s Cleaning and Important Safety Information sections for how to prevent this.

How does the ISSA™ mikro work?

Through a combination of pulsations channeled through soft and flexible silicone bristles, the ISSA™ mikro effectively cleans teeth while providing comfortable and soft gum massage which results in heathy gums.

Can young children use the ISSA™ mikro by themselves?

With proper adult supervision, the ISSA™ mikro's ergonomic, safe, and lightweight design makes it possible for young children to use the device by themselves.

Can my teething child chew on the ISSA™ mikro to relieve sore gums?

The ISSA™ mikro is designed for brushing teeth and massaging gums. It is NOT intended to be used as a chewing toy. The ISSA™ mikro should not be used by children without supervision from a responsible adult. Vigorous chewing on the device may cause damage to the silicone brush head and bristles.

Is Sonic Pulse Technology (pulsations) safe for babies and young children?

The pulsations from FOREO's Sonic Pulse Technology are completely safe for babies and feel pleasant and soothing on their teeth and gums.

The ISSA™ mikro has fallen into water and the charging port is wet?

Dry off and continue use. The ISSA™ mikro is completely waterproof and the charging port is fully sealed.

Getting started

Charging your ISSA™ mikro

ISSA™ mikro is rechargeable with its included USB cable. One hour of charging delivers a full charge which last for 4 months of use.

• While charging the indicator will flash repeatedly
• When the battery is full the indicator will emit a steady glow
• When the battery is low the indicator will start to flash repeatedly

Features of ISSA™ mikro

100% waterproof with a sealed charging port so you can use it in the shower.

Smile Helpers function 
“Glee” (happy face) will appear after 2 minutes of brushing, “Glum” (frowny face) and “Glee” will light up if the user hasn't brushed for 2 full minutes and "Glum” will appear if the user hasn’t brushed for over 12 hours.

Integrated timer
Pulsations will pause every 30 seconds to indicate when you should move the device to another quadrant of the mouth. The device will pause its pulsations 3 times in succession after 2 minutes to signify the end of the brushing routine.

You may lock or unlock the controls by holding down the + and – buttons at the same time.

Using your ISSA™ mikro

The ISSA™ mikro is designed to be used in a similar manner as a manual toothbrush.

ISSA™ mikro Technique for 2 minutes for the most effective cleaning results

• Use your regular toothpaste and press the center button to activate the device.
• Make wide, circular movements over the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth and gums.
• On biting and chewing surfaces, brush backwards and forwards horizontally.
• After you complete your brushing routine, press the center button again to deactivate the device.

Brushing with the ISSA™ mikro will feel super gentle, but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to feel.