Day & Night Cleansers


Does the NIGHT CLEANSER remove eye makeup?

The NIGHT CLEANSER is facial cleanser so we suggest using specific eye makeup remover to clear away eye makeup for best results.

Which ingredients that can be harmful to the skin do the CLEANSERS not use in their formulas?

The Cleansers do not contain silicone, alcohol, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, mineral oil, propyleneglycol or phenoxyethanol.

I don’t see a lot of transformation in the textures even when using my LUNA™ device?

To create more texture (foam for the DAY CLEANSER or milky emulsion for the NIGHT CLEANSER) wet the LUNA™ deice again before continuing to cleanse

Can I apply the CLEANSERS on wet skin?

Yes, although it is a more enjoyable and you will see more of a transformative texture if you apply the CLEANSERS on dry skin

Can I use the CLEANSERS without a LUNA™ device?

Yes, you can massage the CLEANSERS onto the face with wet fingertips, but we recommend using the CLEANSERS in tandem with a LUNA™ device for optimal results.