Microcurrent and Anti-Shock System

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a low-voltage electrical current to contour and lift skin and muscles. Often referred to as a natural, non-invasive and instant facelift, microcurrent work by stimulating the 69 muscles in your face and neck that naturally lose their tone and firmness through aging. The treatment improves elasticity, collagen production and skin cell turnover.

Benefits of microcurrent

Microcurrent devices offer the best way to lift and contour skin and muscles.

Lift and contour skin

Tighten fine lines and wrinkles

Firm sagging skin

Boost blood circulation

Promote lymphatic drainage

Restore youthful complexion

Improve elasticity, collagen production, and skin cell turnover

Medical history of microcurrent

Microcurrent has been used for hundreds of years, with the first documented account being in 1748 when Swiss professor Jean Jallabert used a series of electric shocks to regenerate muscles in the paralyzed arm of a locksmith. Years later, estheticians started using microcurrent as a workout for your muscles, to help define cheekbones, lift eyebrows, firm sagging skin, tighten the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and re-educate your body to produce collagen.

How does microcurrent work

Microcurrent devices have been in the beauty industry for over a decade, the most known being the CACI device. It switches on muscle activity, improving facial tone, as well as increasing levels of a chemical called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which your cells use for energy. It’s also crucial for cellular functions, including collagen formation. To see the full long-term results, you have to do treatments over a period of time (ideally 30-60 days).

The power of a microcurrent device

As the popularity of “at-home” devices has risen, strict guidelines have been put in place to make sure people can use powerful technologies, such as microcurrent, safely by themselves.

As Dr. Anita Sturnham, UK GP Specialist in Dermatology explains, “The range of home [microcurrent] devices out there vary from 100 - 1000µA, with FOREO BEAR being the strongest one on the market” - meaning you can get great results from using the device for just 2 minutes per day.

BEAR is also FDA-cleared, and the only device in the world with Anti-Shock System - an integrated technology that adjusts the microcurrent to perfectly match your skin’s conductivity, for maximum safety and optimal results.

The safest microcurrent option

With a unique technology called Anti-Shock System, BEAR ensures that you never go over the threshold when the device is in contact with your skin. While being superior to other devices in terms of strength, BEAR also delivers current faster than its competitors devices, making the treatment quicker. On average, you will spend two minutes instead of 30. This makes a big difference in terms of someone using the device consistently. It’s quick, safe, and easy to manage.

What is Anti-Shock System?

It’s a technology developed by FOREO that adjusts your microcurrent treatment according to your skin’s conductivity levels. Anti-Shock System uses ultra-smart sensors to scan and measure your skin’s resistance to electricity at a rate of 100x per second and accurately controls it so that it stays at the optimum level for your skin.

Benefits of Anti-Shock System

Using ultra-smart sensors, Anti-Shock System guarantees a safe and effective routine.

Makes microcurrent more comfortable

Guarantees a shock-free routine

Adjusts treatment to your skin’s needs

Maximizes safety

Enhances facelift results