Science Fact,
Not Fiction

With the full spectrum of light therapy colors - eight in all - precision sonic pulsations and the latest in hydro-masking technology as well as an upgraded app and thermo- and cryo-functions, the UFO 2 range was designed to keep your skin alien-beautiful for year after year and decade after decade.

Embrace Light

the Light

The eight colors (or wavelengths) onboard the UFO 2 range have each been scientifically proven to prettify us in many ways.



stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to firm and lift skin. This restorative LED (light emitting diode) diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging as well as bolstering the skin’s healing process.

Blue LED

Blue LED

minimizes imperfections, destroys P. acnes bacteria to stop breakouts and stabilizes overactive oil production. Blue light also mitigates inflamed acne and nasty lesions.

Green LED

Green LED

evens out skin tone, brightens dull complexions and softens age spots, dark circles and other discolorations.

White LED

White LED

is the longest wavelength and reaches deeper into the skin than any other color. White LED tones and tightens the skin, reduces puffiness, activates the skin’s natural renewal system and produces a general rejuvenating effect.

Purple LED

Purple LED

is a combination of red and blue light that helps eliminate toxins, boost radiance, pacify inflammation and accelerate healing.

Orange LED

Orange LED

eases sun damage and revitalizes skin for a healthy glow.

Yellow LED

Yellow LED

soothes sunburn, softens rosacea, combats swelling and improves overall skin tone.

Cyan LED

Cyan LED

is an anti-inflammatory bluish-green light that calms stressed-out skin. It has been proven to promote healing, reduce the size of swollen capillaries and block pain.



The UFO 2 range features a newly optimized warming function that…

  • delivers heat to your face 5x faster than the original UFO
  • boosts radiance by loosening sebum on the skin’s surface
  • softens and preps your face to more efficiently absorb UFO 2’s mask nutrients
  • warms to 45℃, a temperature proven to open pores for deeper penetration of creams, serums and mask essences


Cryo-Therapy is the use of low temperatures to invigorate skin and treat certain skin conditions. Other beauty benefits include…

  • reducing puffiness
  • shrinking pores
  • lifting and firming skin
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • cooling to 5℃ for the safest, most effective treatment

NOTE: Cryo-Therapy is featured in the UFO 2 only.



T-Sonic™ Power

Sonic waves are soundwaves that reach deep into your skin. These waves vibrate fast, really fast-on the UFO 2 range, up to 10,000 sonic pulsations per minute. When these soundwaves are directed into your skin, they extend deep into your pores to…

  • gently massage your face to relax facial tension
  • exfoliate skin without pulling on it
  • improve detoxification by stimulating skin at the cellular level
  • smooth fine lines, soften dark circles and reduce puffiness
  • increase absorption of creams and serums
  • boost efficacy of UFO mask formulas
Beauty secrets

Beauty Secrets
From Around the

From Korea to New Zealand to the rainforests of Brazil, our ultra-effective mask formulas and premium ingredients are the best in the world. The superfine microfiber of our cotton-pad sized smart masks are designed for comfort, glide, durability and maximum absorption—all to feed your skin with exactly what it needs to stay fresh, hydrated and packed with nutrients for up to six hours.

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mobile phone

For You App

*You must UNLOCK your UFO 2 or UFO mini 2 before using it for the first time*

The FOREO For You app programs a specific blend of T-Sonic™ pulses and full-spectrum light therapy for each different power mask. Some masks build collagen with red LED light while others fight acne with a barrage of blue light. Check out our MASKS PAGE to see how each UFO Power Mask works its own unique magic

To unlock your device, open the app and create an account, select UFO 2 or UFO mini 2 from the choice of FOREO device, press the power button to connect your UFO to the app. Your device is now registered, unlocked and ready to use.

To Use Masks and
Light Therapy Treatments…

1. Open the FOREO For You app and scan the barcode on the mask or the box of masks
2. Clip the mask onto your UFO 2 or UFO mini 2 with the attachment ring
3. Press the start button and follow the app instructions

App Extras

Your UFO 2 range device is installed with wake-up mode. UFO 2 and UFO mini 2 automatically search the 6 meters surrounding it for Bluetooth connectivity every 10 seconds. This enables the app to be conveniently connected when your UFO 2 is near, without draining the battery when it’s far away.

The FOREO For You app provides users exclusive access to:


Create your own power mask routine by selecting / adjusting individual technologies according to your preferences.


Automatically connects device with smartphone when turned on, so you never have to manually sync your device again.


Takes users through pre-programmed power mask treatments that correspond with each mask.


Stay up-to-date with the latest software enhancements.


Order new UFO Power Activated Masks at the touch of a button.


Locates your device and automatically unlocks it.