Ultra-hygienic silicone

What is it?

Broken down to its smallest constituents, silicone consists of silicon dioxide (silicon and oxygen) with added oxygen atoms and hydrogen. Silicon dioxide is a mineral often found in earth’s sand, soil, granite, rock, and concrete. Making up more than a quarter of our planet’s crust, it’s the most abundant mineral we have.

Silicone has been used throughout history. One of the first applications was in the production of glass, but later came more refined forms such as in silicone we got in the 1930s. After years of refinement, the material became stronger, while being softer and more flexible at the same time.

Lotus effect
Lotus effect

The science behind FOREO silicone

Functionality, form, and design are FOREO’s pillars of craftsmanship. One of our greatest breakthroughs is the ultra-hygienic silicone our products are wrapped in. Mimicking the "lotus effect" led us to creation of a specific pattern of microscopic bristles that make it impossible for dirt and grime to stick – the very same feature that keeps lotus leaves clean despite the grimy surroundings.

After being molded into shape, the ultra-hygienic silicone undergoes a specific coating we call the Silicone Soft Touch. This type of coating, known only to two people in the world, helps the product last for years by withstanding the harshest chemicals out there. It generates zero waste and doesn't harm the environment. Below, you'll learn more about two types of silicone found in FOREO products.

Long lasting
Long lasting

Is silicone

When talking about electronic devices, silicone is often compared to plastics. Both can be found in this type of use, but silicone is more environmentally friendly. While manufacturing plastics involve mining for crude oil, silicone is made of silica, which is derived from sand. It’s more durable and lasts much longer.

We also have to keep in mind that silicone is recyclable but not biodegradable. However, it doesn’t break down into micro-plastics – making it ocean-friendly and less harmful to humans.

Medical-grade silicone

Medical-grade silicone is highly chemically stable. This makes the material non-reactive to its surroundings, thanks to which FOREO products are safe for use. Apart from being durable in dry and humid conditions, the material is strong while being soft and flexible at the same time.

It’s non-reactive to the environment and thereby biocompatible in the sense that it can be in contact with any part of the body without releasing particles. This is why medical-grade silicone is used in the medical industry, where human health is crucial.

Medical-grade silicone

Body-safe silicone

Versatile, flexible, and resistant to extreme conditions, body-safe silicone is used for a wide range of purposes. It’s completely harmless in contact with the human body and doesn’t lose its shape or durability over time.

The sturdy nature of the material, in combination with the Silicone Soft Touch, makes FOREO products long-lasting, ultra-hygienic, and safe to use. The absence of harmful filters such as BPS and BPA contributes to the material being food-grade, while its antifungal properties prevent mold or fungal decay.

The story behind LUNA
Neil Armstrong’s boots

The story
behind LUNATM

One of the most memorable human achievements is closely related to FOREO silicone. Our iconic device LUNATM was named after the material from which the soles of Neil Armstrong’s boots were made of – silicone. It was that same body-safe material that became a part of countless skincare routines. Throughout the years, we upgraded it many times, which resulted in the most advanced silicone yet.

LUNA 4 collection
LUNATM 4 collection

LUNATM 4 collection – the most advanced silicone

All LUNATM devices are made of ultra-hygienic body-safe silicone. 100% waterproof, mold- and bacteria-resistant, it’s free of BPA and phthalates while being easy to clean as well – making it suitable for all skin types.

The latest generation has the softest silicone touchpoints yet, allowing them to glide more effortlessly across skin to preserve natural elasticity. They are 35x more hygienic than nylon bristles, non-abrasive, and don’t pull or stretch the skin. Although they are soft, they gently exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing soft and radiant skin underneath. And because they are ultra-hygienic, you won’t need replacement brush heads. Ever.